Coombemill Ducks present ‘Skating on Ice’!

Posted on February 3rd, 2012

Farm magic

I do love to down tools and enjoy a wonder around the farm on a lovely sunny day. Today was bitterly cold, clear blue skies and not a soul around. Funnily enough this very cold but dry weather really suits the animals and the rain that makes them really miserable as they find it hard to dry out in winter.

Cheeky Donkeys 

Our donkeys are lacking the brains they were born with and have been gnawing away at their shelter, not a sensible move, since it had got to the point where it was no longer offering much by way of protection for them! I caught up with Farmer Nick taking pity on them repairing their home and leaving some alternative wood in their field for their teeth sharpening antics! I’m not sure that Rolo watching us looks too apologetic!

Donkey field shelter repairsDonkey field shelter repairsRolo the Donkey

It was such a beautiful day I couldn’t resist a few random snaps, it was far too lovely to be indoors. 

Winter Beauty

I love the wintery scenes, it just looks so peaceful on the farm and looking up the valley 

Beginners lake and alpaca fieldCoombe BridgeLog store beyond the river

Just after taking the picture over the lake, the ducks spotted me and took to the water, except the lake has frozen in all but one little patch around duck island. I just had to flip the camera to video mode and capture their comical endeavours at ice skating! I think they are the ones who will be glad to see some warmer temperatures and rain back!


Lessons in Ice skating from Coombe Mill ducks 

They made me smile!