5 things that make me happy

Posted on March 13th, 2012

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Clare over at http://www.emmysmummy.com/ in this simple meme to share with you the five things which make me happy:


Taking a different view

I am going to bypass the obvious and most important that we all want most in life:


Love from our nearest and dearest
Health and strength for ourselves and those we love
Enough money to get by without serious hardship and heartache
Respect and trust of friends and family

Instead I am going for the little extra things that really make my day:


1. My children coming in from the farm with a bunch of flowers they have picked for me
Guy with farm flowers
2. Coming home from the evening kids activities and finding Farmer Nick (my husband) cooking dinner and pouring me a glass of wine. This is a rare occurrence but such a treat. So rare I sadly have no picture, except this one doing what all men love – the BBQ!
Farmer Nick cooks on the Coombe BBQ'a
3. Family holidays, this may sound mad when we life on an idyllic holiday farm, but much as I love what I do I love a few days away, which believe me is very hard to organise!
On Holiday with the triplets
4. Spring on the farm and the joy of our new born animals, for the pleasure they give me, our children and our guests
Bottle Feeding the lambs
5. A day on the beach. We have the best beaches in the country (OK I am bias) and I feel like I am on holiday every time we go. Picnic, wet suits buckets and spades and the hours just fly by.
  Kids enjoying the sandy beaches

Now I would love to see what makes these people happy: