Multiple fun at Coombe Mill

Posted on March 21st, 2012

Holiday time, fraught or fun?

Anyone with children knows that holidays take planning if they are to be the happy family occasions we all dream of and not fraught or stressful. Here at Coombe Mill we go the extra mile to quietly make holidays with young children as stress free and relaxing as possible for parents. How do we do it? Simply by ensuring that our stunning 30 acres are safe, fun and practical for children. Happy children make for happy relaxed parents and quality family time. It is a simple recipe and it works! 

Fun at Coombe Mill

Tractor RidesKids enjoying the farmIndoor play barn fun

What about Multiples?

With 6 children of our own including triplets Farmer Nick and I are well aware of the needs of families with twins, tripletsOur Triplets and more! Having multiples simply means the need for organisation and having things just so are all the more important. It is hard with one child, multiply that up and efficiency, planning and organisation become the key to success. Book a holiday with us and we can accommodate all the cots, highchairs, bed guards or any other extra’s you need and ensure you have the best property for your family. We have something for every family size up to 9 including triple rooms, plenty of cot space, enclosed gardens and play rooms. This is not the case for all properties so it is worth checking with us first. We always check sleeping arrangements and where cots should go prior to your arrival so that everything is ready to just move in.

Practical Properties with Multiples

Eden Triple Room Eden GardenWillow Play Den

Not just what we say!

We have families with multiples returning year after year for the relaxed fun of Coombe Mill in the knowledge that we provide the sort of memorable family holiday the children will cherish without breaking the bank! 

Multiples at Coombe Mill

Twins and friends at the rabbitsTriplets on the play TractorSwimgball for Twins


Supporting TAMBA TAMBA

We have had a close working relationship with TAMBA over the years with special offers and competitions that have started many a family holidaying with us. If you are not a member I can thoroughly recommend them for the advise and discounts offered for families with multiples.


I am linking this post to the Multiple Mayhem Carnival hosted by the lovely  over at Here Come The Girls .  I rarely promote our holidays so obviously on my blog, but we have such success with our multiple families it felt the right thing to do just this once! 

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