Thumbs up for Small Businesses

Posted on March 29th, 2012

Independence Day

Thanks to a great linky from over at I have a great prompt each month to shout about some great small businesses I come across on the Web. 

On My Blog for You:

I have an open invitation to any small business aligned to Coombe Mill to advertise free of charge on my blog. There are 3 categories:

1. Local Cornish businesses helpful to our holiday makers

2. Products or services for parents and young children

3. Parenting blogs offering friendly helpful information.

I choose I each week to promote on the front of my blog and tweet, please come and join up with me here: 

Tomorrow is Special

Tomorrow is the first #SBS meet up from Theo Paphitis of Dragon’s Den and as a proud winner back in October last year I am braving the fuel crises and making the Journey from Cornwall to Birmingham with fellow winner to meet some lovely business people I interact with here on the blog and on Twitter. 


So here are some of the people and Businesses I am hoping to meet tomorrow:

with their lovely looking site offering great outdoor sports wear and equipment for Kids, perfect kit for a holiday at Coombe Mill


 Anne has a great concept in portable black out blinds. We support her Business here at Coombe Mill offering her lovely blinds for parents on holiday with us. You can buy the blinds from her site directly: 

Lights Out Blinds



They offer great outdoor play equipment and more for Kids. A lovely site and lovely people I am looking forward to meeting. Another great match with Coombe Mill 

Kidz Outdoors


♥ Martina ♥ at She can do the most creative things with Candles for the home or as gifts and is coming from the #SBS event tomorrow to Coombe Mill on holiday!

me and max


A Special Mention

 who has the gorgeous Playwrap designed from birth for babies. A wonderful 3 in 1 devise perfect for Mums and Dads to take anywhere to keep babies happy. We are proud to have one to borrow at Coombe Mill, just ask when you arrive. You can see more about the Play wrap on their site here I hope they will be at the next #SBS gathering as I would love to meet them.

Bondie Bird

Do have a look at all the above who are all working hard with their small businesses.