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Triplets giant birthday cake


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A day out to Marwell Wildlife Park

Long car journeys can be tough with the children. We know this only too well with 6 of our own and a visit to the grandparents taking upwards of 4 hours before adding stopping time. One way to make light of a long journey is to split it up with a fun and active trip along the route. For us there are many different routes to take to Sussex and we have stopped before successfully at the Tank Museum and the Fleet Air Arm museum both of which the children thoroughly enjoyed so Marwell Wildlife had a lot to live up to with the children on the way home from our Easter visit to Yia – Yia (Greek Grandma). 

Never far from Coombe MillGuy finds the animals

We had barely arrived, Guy was just guiding us towards the giraffes, when Nick heard a strangely familiar voice from behind

“There’s Farmer Nick!” Would you believe some of our previous Coombe Mill guests were there for the day and spotted Nick. Just the most extraordinary chance meeting!

Farmer Nick and Coombe Guests at Marwell Zoo

Incredible Animals

Marwell have a great selection of all the more exotic animals from Africa and Asia that the children were keen to see. The giraffes and Rhino stole the show for us but Nick picked up plenty of future ideas for the farm, as if our Wallabies weren’t exotic enough!

A cheetah looking sleepyThe kids favorite animalAnyone want a stroke?

Farmer Nick was impressed with the HippoFlamingo beautyZebra enjoying his field

In true thrifty and outdoor style we had packed a picnic. Something we nearly always do on a day trip Definitely the answer here as there are so many lovely picnic benches and even some large indoor tents in case of rain! We opted for the ones next to the play area where the children soon took over the big tyre. Sometimes I think our 6 descending on somewhere can be a little intimidating to other children, however if they are, they are very unaware of this and mean no harm.

Picnic TimePlay time fun for the kidsPlay time fun for the kids

Farmer Nick had tractor envy when he saw the size of this one pulling their trailers!

Tractor and Trailer at Marwell Zoo


I thought this was an idea we could copy for Coombe Mill farm using a large photo of some of our animals with the faces cut out.


A Photo Idea for Coombe Mill


We were lucky enough to enjoy a great 4 hour break at Marwell, give the children plenty of exciting run around time and arrive back at the car for the last of the journey just as the heavens opened. It really felt like we made the best of a long journey and a showery April day! It is located off the M27 between Chichester and Southampton so if you are visiting Coombe Mill from East Sussex or Kent makes a perfect stop.


Marwell Wildlife has not sponsored this post in any way. We paid full price for out tickets and felt it was money well spent.

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Coombe Cuisine

My cooking style is a little of this, a splash of that and a sprinkle of what I like. It is always quick and easy, sometimes healthy rarely from a recipe book and if it is, I can never stick to the instructions! Consequently when things turn out really well, I have to back track to cobble together instructions and quantities before sharing.

A nutritious and satisfying snack

This Flapjack recipe is one I experimented on a while back, I like the fact I can prepare and cook it quicker than I could go to the nearest shop (well I do live in deepest Cornwall) and it is packed with natural wholesome ingredients. They are perfect for school packed lunches too.


Preparation 10 minutes, cooking 10 minutes

IngredientsIngredients for Peanut Flapjacks

Crunchy Peanut butter – 2 table spoons (tbs)

butter – 1 tbs

Sugar : any kind 3 tbs

Golden Syrup 3 tbs

Rolled Oats approx. 450g


1. In a saucepan melt all the ingredients except the oats over a medium heat without allowing the mixture to boil. 

2. Remove from heat and stir in enough oats to fully absorb the mixture

Step 1Step 2Step 2

3. Transfer to a small roasting tin lined with greased baking paper, lightly press into the corners

4. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes till just golden (too long and they will be too crunchy)

5. Remove and score into squares while warm then leave to cool.

Step 3Step 4

6. Turn out and enjoy 

Peanut Flapjacks

Next time

I sell these in our reception shop, when the children don’t eat them all first! I imagine the basic idea is fairly adaptable and I rather fancy experiementing with dried fruits such as cherries and apricots, coconut and other nuts or chocolate chunks. I will be sure to fill you in on the combinations and quantities that work, as tested by my kids!



A picture tells a thousand words


Mother Goose Hatching her Gosling



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My big fat Greek Easter

Farmer Nick is half Greek and come Easter time we do like to join up with family and friends for a traditional Greek Easter party. “Christos Anesti” is the welcome message (“Christ is Risen”); my Greek doesn’t extend much past this, but the traditions are legendary. My amazing 76 year old Mother in Law hosted this year’s festivities in her in beautiful Sussex garden. It made a lovely break for us staying over for a few days and the children loved catching up with all their cousins.

A Feast for Kings and Queens

Food and Drink is the staple of the day, including a full spit roast lamb kept us going for days after!

Spit roast lambEaster FeastFarmer Nick and his Uncle ready to tuck in

Especialy for the children

The children bounced away all their calories away, the same cannot be said for the grownups; hang on, is that Farmer Nick on the bouncy castle there?

Bouncy CastleBaby on bouncy castleIs that Farmer Nick?

Painted hard boiled eggs are played rather like conkers

Greek Easter BasketPainted Eggs and kids Eggs and Kids

An English touch with an Easter Egg hunt

Egg collectingEggs for Kids

Who needs trees?

My children in the local town of Lewes were like the original country bumpkins, there may not be trees but they are happy climbing the buildings; fortunately there is a gorgeous park too or we may have been sent back to Cornwall!

Climbing the Town Court building

Climbing wallsAt home in the parkTeenage chat


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