A day with Theo Paphitis

Posted on April 2nd, 2012

Small Business Sunday #SBS Winners Inaugural Meet

It is 3 days since I made the trek from Cornwall to Birmingham with of Just Bunting for a chance of a few hours with some fellow small business twitter friends and to hear from our mentor in common Theo Paphitis.  

Expectations for the day

To be honest, I have been so busy with the holiday season coming into full swing for Easter, our new lodge being built, domestic life as Mummy to our 6 children and supporting Nick on the farm with all the spring births I hadn’t given it any thought beyond the logistics of getting there for the day.

So how was it: #SBS Meet?

I was totally blown away by the day as it unfolded. From the ease of parking and registering with   to leaving with  a quick photo by “The Car” .  

Registration Desk at Edgbaston Stadium"The Car"An obvious number plate!

What made SBS so amazing?

Theo of cause!

I think I expected him to make a quick guest appearance on the day and go again. In reality he spent the full 5 hours with us. I shook his hand as he came in; well I could have gone home at that point and still thought the day was great!

Theo Paphitis arriving and meeting us individually Theo Paphis with Sarah from Silver Birch CraftsHaving a laugh with us!

Inspiring us

To then go on and hear his engaging and funny speeches, inspiring us with his passion and dedication to business from his own beginnings, challenging us to shout about our businesses, support each other and not shy away from publicity, I felt I was ready to take on the world after that!

One large room to seat up all!Delivering his magicChris Wheeler from Metal Frog,  Kypros Kyprianou from Rymans and Theo Paphitis

A dedicated website

But there was more! Theo had invested time, passion and support with a deserving #SBS winner from http://www.metalfrogstudios.com/ to develop a #SBS web site http://theopaphitissbs.com/ Why? For us to have an opportunity to share, develop and grow our business “A website for winners, by winners” and an endorsement from Theo.

New #SBS website explained

Now it was beginning to sink in just how privileged I was on 9.10.11 to receive this little Re tweet: 

Theo Paphitis Twitter Feed with Coombe Mill

Suddenly I felt part of something big, something real and something with so much passion and energy that I truly believe we will as #SBS winners make our new web site work for us and our individual businesses.

Questions and Answers

Asking a question to Theo Paphitis

An electric two way session had me with my hand up in the air like a school girl, not once but twice I stood up to ask a question. If you had asked me before would I have done this I would have laughed in your face, that is how wrapped up in the essence of the day I had become. 


That Photo

Talk about the icing on the cake, a photo and a certificate, I was as excited as the children leaving Coombe Mill with their farm hat and certificate! Thank you Theo, we all loved that one! 

Theo Paphitis awarding my #SBS certificate

Fired up by my fellow winners

I have never thought of myself as a networker or as having much confidence, but when I look back at my pictures and notes I think I may be more of a closet networker than I feel. Thrilled to be able to meet so many I tweet as I “speed dated” my way round the room. I have become known as the camera and notebook lady of the day thanks to  . I think the two tally and I have those I managed to stop and chat to correctly matched to photos, but please let me know if not! (Hover over the photo for information)

Jane and Neil from Kidz OutdoorsHeather from A Little Furniture ShopRachel from Kool Sun Kids

 Nicola Cunningham From Wood and WillowsSarah from Tiny GemsKim from welsh Royal Crystal

Tia Lush from Who Ate My CrayonsDebbie and Gavin from Eco BagsHelen Botrill from Kindred Rose & Ali from My Gorgeous Gifts

Robert & Sue from Bodlondeb Holiday CottageJan Jack from Perfect Verse & Jo Smedley from Red Herring GamesMelanie from LollyLoops

Julia Onslow from Absolutely FlawlessNeil Jackman from Whites and SmallsSarah Smith from Silver Birch Crafts

Daddy NatalMelanie Brooks from Milk Chick BreastfeedingKate from Little big Sports

Farmer Phil from Wiggley WigglersThe Bedside Company and Village Green SoapsBaby Duck Shop

All Ironed Out, Danny from Baby's 1st Photo and Brett Symes Photo

To those I now realised I missed on the day, I will be on your case next time!

Behind the scenes

Huge thanks to Theo’s company   http://www.ryman.co.uk/ for hosting, organising and picking up the tab for the day. A massive effort in every respect, much appreciated. I am still perusing the catelog and enjoying my goody bag. “Did I mention ?”!

Going Forward

Are you feeling as excited about your business ability as me by Edgbaston? If you plan to blog your highlights, please link up below and I will add this post with the links to the new web site http://theopaphitissbs.com/ for us all to share. Any format is good, use my headings or your own or simply add a comment to this post.  

Looking forward to keeping the #SBS buzz alive!