Just Another Day on the Farm?

Posted on April 4th, 2012

When everything happens at once….


A kid goat is born

We have had an eventful couple of days on the farm to say the least. It started with a lovely kid goat being born on April the first. Mum and Kid are doing just fine together. They are now in the “Lamb Nursery” while the 3 orphan lambs have been moved to the old goat meadow.

Farmer Nick checks over the new born goatKid Goat resting in the field with his new ear tagAll the children gather round to stroke the kid goat


Runner ducklings Hatch

All this has coincided with the hatching of our lovely apricot runner ducks. They have progressed over the past 2 days from  incubator in my laundry room to their own special house where they are now under a heat lamp. At a few days old they are beginning much enjoyed by the guests as they come out to say Hello each morning.

Baby ducklings 1 day oldcute in a little helpers hatEveryone crowds round the duck house for a peep

A disaster for our Guy

We are strong believers in the children helping out on the farm and earning pocket money. Making kindling bundles for the guests is one of their tasks. They are only allowed the small axe and have been shown repeatedly how to use it safely, but as soon as Farmer Nick turned his back yesterday Guy managed to chop his hand! It was nothing too dramatic but a nasty gash that meant he had to go straight to casualty. Kids timing is always spot on; I was just finishing off the BBQ for dinner!

Another baby Lamb

With Guy on his way to hospital with Nick, the remaining children and I continued to have our supper when the guests came round to say they were worried about a newly born lamb in the field who had no mother nearby. Abandoning our fated supper the kids came with me to the field. Sure enough I could see who mother was, her bottom gave the game away, but she could not be persuaded to go and attend to her bleating new born lamb. On feeling the lamb he was cold and clammy where Mum hadn’t cleaned him up at all. I scooped him up and warned the guests that the mothers usually abandon them for a good reason, but that we would let them know the news in the morning. The kids then rallied round opening up Farmer Nick’s shed and bringing our make shift lamb house and bedding into the kitchen.

The lamb house back in my kitchen!Thankful for the warmth of the houseMy poorly soldiers

Felix sat warming up the lamb as Nick came home. We then caught mother and milked her to give the lamb his (I had time now to check the basics) first all important colostrum 50ml which he guzzled. I now had two poorly soldiers in my kitchen! To be fair, Guy got away with glue and a bandage, but as he didn’t feel that was impressive enough they gave him a sling too. Now he feels much better!

A new day dawns

 I am pleased to report that the lamb is thriving today. I am feeling rather the worse for wear after the night feeds, but it was all worth it to see his perky face in the morning. We decided to give him another go with Mum and put them together in their own quarters. The little lamb was shown the basics of feeding and happy to go to Mum.

 Mum and lamb back togetherShowing Mum and lamb the basicsWe were holding onto Mum to keep here here!

Sadly after an hour of trying we had to rescue little lamb back out as Mum was not having any of it and began head butting her own lamb with her horns and the poor little chap was desperate to escape.

Jed was only too pleased to have him back in the garden with us! Now we have 4 orpan lambs to the delight of all our guests! 

Jed and the lambfeeding the orphansorphan lambs are so tame

It is certainly proving an eventful Easter holidays and it is only Tuesday!