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Posted on April 14th, 2012

Welcome back

The Easter Holidays has seen many regular guests returning to Coombe Mill. I love to see the children meeting up with friends year after year, just as if they had seen each other yesterday! A few new faces each year soon learn to join in the fun, age doesn’t matter, everyone just mucks in together united by their enjoyment of the farm.

Let’s be eco crafty

Our regular guests from Camel lodge love to organise a build a boat competition. Armed with sticky tape they then challenge all the children wanting to participate to raid the recycling bins and build a winning model sailing boat. A good hour after the feed run is taking up with each perfecting their design, sticking and taping till all are ready.

Eco Model Sail Boats ready to launch on the River

Sailing Boats eco crafted at Coombe MillSailing Boats eco crafted at Coombe MillSailing Boats eco crafted at Coombe Mill


Sailing away

Now the real fun begins as down to the river they go, proudly armed with their eco sailing boats. All participants eagerly scale the river bank, wading in for the starting line ready for the grand countdown to launch. You can hear from the screams and shouts on the video just how much excitement is involved!


launching the boats at Coombe Milllaunching the boats at Coombe Milllaunching the boats at Coombe Mill

The Winning Line

Coombe Mill bridge provides the perfect finishing line and everyone delights in watching them sail under the bridge .  It’s fair to say there are more wet wellies than dry by the end, and that is not just the children!

launching the boats at Coombe MillOn the finishing lineCollecting the boats past the bridge

Mums and Dads relax over coffee outside Camel


Well done the Mums and Dads!

Chief organisers relaxing with a well earned coffee while the children are off playing.


Please Join In with CountryKids

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