Trevarno Scandinavian Lodge, so near yet so far!

Posted on May 3rd, 2012

Inspired by Trebah

When we took on Coombe Mill nearly 10 years ago, there was just the cottages and riverside lodges. Since Eden in 2004 we have been adding to Coombe Mill with Luxury Scandinavian lodges. Trebah was our first eco Scandinavian lodge designed for a family of 4. It has proved so popular with the energy efficient under floor heating, money saving solar panels providing hot water, ultra modern decor and vast play room that we have been inspired to repeat and enhance the design for Trevarno.

Trebah open plan living areaTrebah open plan living areaTrebah play room with toys

Building Trevarno

Work began back in November last year. By Christmas we had the shell assembled, and I was running away with ideas of renting by Easter! Thank goodness Farmer Nick held me back. Here we stand now just into May, and we are far from finished! Every time we build I forget just how long the process really is. There is so much insulation to make these properties so energy efficient, plumbing, electrics and endless little carpentry jobs drag the middle phase out so that I worry about completing before the first paid guests arrive.

Our Builders

We have used the same trusted builders since we began Originally they built the Play barn, or Farmer Nick’s original shed as it was back then! We were so impressed with a builder who delivered on time and to budget that Trevarno will now be our 6th lodge built by North Coast. They are a small moorland business from the neighbouring village of Blisland who are now expanding internationally. 

Trevarno Our Journey in pictures

Trevarno Now 

With the grass seeding and the lawn being well watered during April, from the Outside at least is looking ready to rent. 

Trevarno Scandinavian Lodge Trevarno side. solar panels, heat pump room and shingle roofw

To come: delight or disaster?

Order lead times on kitchens, white goods and carpet fitting have all given us the usual stresses on top of running the rest of the business and keeping order in the family! With just 3 weeks till our first paid guests arrive I am worried I may be handing them a set of keys and a painting brush at the moment! Having tried 3 carpet fitters last week all of whom quoted 3 weeks before a fitting date could be met I was back to pulling out my best negotiation skills (being an ex Tesco buyer comes in handy on occasions like this) and now the lovely people at have agreed to fit by the end of this week. *Phew*. A similar narrow escape on the curtains came today when I suddenly realised we had forgotten the wardrobe curtain, poor Nick found himself back in the car again to the shops, never a short journey from here, to grab the very last set in the size we needed.

Sharing my biggest worry

We have bought a beautiful sofa set for Trevarno and gorgeous dining room table and chairs, all modern leather which I still swear were in matching cream. Now they are here and waiting in Nick’s shed I can see the sofas are pale green and the chairs cream. I am going to need some imagination to pull these colours together without it looking like a candy shop of peppermint creams!

Inside Nick’s dry store shed for storage

Trevarno Scandinavian lodge Chairs and table

I know this will not be the last of the panics over the coming couple of weeks and I so look forward to sharing some finished, complete and hopefully tasteful photos before the first guests arrive!