The Versatile Blogger Award

Posted on May 23rd, 2012

Delighted to be nominated


This meme asks for 5 random facts about yourself and to tag 5 people to do the same.

My thanks to the ever happy and friendly Emma who blogs at The Mini Mes and Me  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you haven’t read her family blog yet do pop over and have a read. I discovered from Emma’s  Versatile Blogger Post that she has an unusual passion for pain, by way of bruises from paintballing, or at least that is the story she give us *cough’s loudly* I did initially think I had already been awarded this prestigious award, after feeling certain I had dragged through my memory previously in search of interesting personal facts. It turns out I was deluding myself as I had completed a similar but different meme here . Just thought I would drop that in, since looking back they seem like a cool collection and I am now scrapping the barrel for more!

5 random (new) facts about me 

1. This one is a little weird and freaky: I am double jointed in my fingers and can move in strange ways; check this out!

 Bending in strange waysFinger splitsExtra bendy

2. I love frozen peas, I mean actually frozen! I am quite incapable of cooking peas without popping a handful straight into my mouth before they hit the pan of water.


3. My boys still think I am joking when I tell them I won a tank driving competition years ago on a corporate team building day. I beat all the men in the genuine monster size tank across a tricky country course. A real one up for women drivers!


Sewing Machine, Unused with cover on.

4. I can’t sew! I have a lovely sewing machine sat in my office gathering dust. Even adjusting curtains is too much for me. This feels like such a confession when I follow so many crafty blogs with beautiful sewn and embroidered products like Silver Birch Crafts and Just Bunting.  I will have Nick re hang a curtain track, which he does with ease, rather than attempt the sewing machine. The children wait weeks for me to get round to sewing on scouting badges, sewing badge should be the first one they work towards! My sewing phobia dates back to school and being ridiculed by the teacher for sewing over the arm hole on my gilet! 


5. I am a bargain hunter, especially when it comes to clothes. I am much happier rummaging in a charity shop for a missed designer gem than shopping for new amongst the racks of garments pushed as this year’s trend. I keep promising myself I will link up with the lovely  for her weekly Magpie Monday linky as most of my wardrobe would qualify! Magpie Monday is just as it suggests a linky on second hand bargains you have purchased recently hosted by Liz over on her blog Me and My Shadow. Liz has a lovely writing style and some great competitions so well worth visiting her blog. As a meme linky double up here is my entry, it is a lovely cocktail dress and little bolero jacket, bought at Age Concern in Wadebridge whilst waiting for Clio’s weekly ballet lesson! I am considering wearing it in September to the MAD Blog Awards

 Bargain find Bargain huntBargain hunt

  Why not hope over to Liz’s site and see what bargains others have unearthed. Just click on the magpie.

Me and My Shadow


Continuing the Versatile Blogger Meme

I am now tagging the following lovely bloggers as I would love to read their 5 random facts: