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Posted on June 9th, 2012

Planting the Greenhouse

Gardening is far from my perfect outdoor pursuit, having said that I do adore home grown produce and so make the effort each year to plant out the green house. It is not something I have ever really involved the children in before, but inspired by others linking up on Country Kids like Dad’s Cooking Tonight and Rainy Day Mum I decided to make it a family event. 

The Children were only too happy to help when we suggested they could all help choose what we bought from our local nursery Cedar Croft just up the lane. Up and down the rows of plants we wondered, perusing all the delightful colours and smells. The favourite by far with the children were strawberries so we agreed on a pot each with a strawberry plant, and they all shook hands on not pinching each others’ strawberries. I for see reneging on their promise ahead, but I couldn’t fault the commitment at the time!

At the Nursery

Back at home we set to work digging out the weeds and forking some newly purchased nutrients into the soil, before planning and planting in earnest. I was pleasantly surprised at how focussed the children remained and how much more I enjoyed gardening with their input. All that is left now is to water, wait and enjoy!


Planting the Greenhouse


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