Father’s Day for Farmer Nick

Posted on June 14th, 2012

To Dad from all the children with Love

Farmer Nick to all our holiday guests, loving husband to me and Dad our 6 children, he may not be perfect but we love him dearly and are delighted to let him know on Father’s Day. The kids have come up with their own special ideas, with only the sort of abstract and sometimes random ideas that kids do: Over to the children with their special messages for their Dad; I notice with sadness that for the first time no one chose to use Daddy, some parts of their growing up are so hard to see go!


Alistair age 14

Dear  Dad,

Ally with his Father's Day Card

On Father’s Day I would like to thank you for:Card to Dad

Being funny in your own special way

Letting me drive the tractor

Sharing my taste in food

Taking us to France

Knowing about cars as Mum is rubbish!

But your jokes really suck!

Love Ally x


Felix Age 11

Dear Dad,card for DadFelix and card for Dad

On Father’s Day I would like to thank you for:

Being there to fix things for me

Being amusing

Buying us the quad bike

Being an amazing Dad & not cuddling me so much these days!

But stop being so embarrassing!

Love Felix xx


Theo Age 10

Dear Super Dad,

On Father’s Day I would like to thank you for:Theo and Card for Dad

Driving me from club to clubFather's Day Card

Giving me great big hugs

Not minding when I sneak a sip of your beer

Caring for all the animals and letting us live at CoombeMill

But I’m not so keen on squeezy hugs!



Guy & Jed  age 8 

(they chose to share a letter)

Dear Dad,

On Father’s Day we would like to thank you for:Father's day card for DadJed and Guy with card for Dad

Being the best Dad in the world

The most cuddly Dad too

Looking after the animals and the farm

Helping us build and make things

For being yourself

But please stop snoring and snorting through our TV programmes like the Apprentice!


Clio age 8

Dear awesome Dad,card for DadClio with card for Dad

On Father’s Day I would like to thank you for:

Always having a sense of humor

Being Kind and super

Thank you for the rabbits and play areas at Coombe Mill

You’re the best

But you are impossible to talk too as you are always in a silly mood or a cross mood


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