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Posted on June 16th, 2012

A Family Divided

It is the first time we have taken just 2 children away on holiday, but at half term we took the older 2 children and Yia Yia (Greek Grandma) to France. Yia Yia is very good at French and the idea was to boost the boys understanding as the eldest is just beginning his GCSE work and his French, which he needs for his baccalaureate, is woeful! Billed as a “road trip”, with nothing booked but the return Ferry to Plymouth we began our adventure. Back home the business was in the capable hands of Farmer Ted and the rest of the children had our lovely ex nanny come to stay, taking time out from her almost completed teaching degree. 

Team France

We planned our days over lovely French meals, the children forced to order for themselves in French! We found quirky places to stay, from stunning chateaux’s to hotels a kin to Faulty Towers, complete with Manuel! We cycled miles through vineyards and French villages, tasted wine in Chateaus, played in their grounds, picnicked by rivers and swam in the sea with no wet suits, burr! The highlight was a French zoo where the animals so much closer than in England. We loved every minute and my only regret was not having my camera on me half the time! I would definitely do this sort of adventure holiday again with the older boys, it was perfect for them.   

 Team France on tour


Team Coombemill

Back at home the kids were out to play every day, Clare took so much time to ensure they had friends to stay, and went out for day trips all over the place from the Eden Project to the beach. I am so grateful to her for giving our 4 children such a lovely stay-cation and to Farmer Ted for managing the farm for us and ensuring our holiday guests had the usual Tractor rides to help out each day. Team France would not have happened for the boys without them!


Children Playing from Coombe Mill at half term

About Country Kids 

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