Finding Time

Posted on June 19th, 2012

A little introduction.

I’ve been double tagged in this meme by two great twitter friends: The Lovely  who blogs at Cakes Photos Life and very capable  with her new blog  Both these friendly ladies have lovely blogs developing which I would recommend to follow.  The Meme was started by Sex, Drugs, Rocker and… Stroller and now it’s my turn!

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How and when do you find the time to…

….do your laundry?
This is a story of two halves. For the business I am super critical and our laundry company know everything has to be spotless, ironed, crisp and white. For the family washing quite the opposite! Things get muddy enough without making washing here on the farm so it is no more than an outfit a day unless they get soaking from a water fight or playing in the river. Having said that just for the essentials for a family of 8 and a few of the business items I have a super size top loading washing machine and 2 tumble driers!  
My PC in the office
….write a blog post?
My blog posts are rarely started and finished in one go. Typically I think them out in my head over a morning run and jot down the headings when I return. I will then return to my notes around 11pm when the family are all in bed. It is then the following morning when I proof read and post. That does sound a bit of a performance, but I don’t trust my spelling and grammar enough to just write and publish!
….look after yourself…i.e. wash your hair, paint your nails, take a bubble bath etc?
I am a low maintenance kind of girl. Me time is typically a run or a cycle with beauty restricted to a shower and hair wash. I never style my hair in any way but just leave it to dry naturally. Occasionally I will paint my nails just before I fall asleep in the early hours, but invariably curse my decision in the morning when I see spots on the duvet and smudges on my nails!
 My cycling time out
….spend time with your other half?
I am quite good at this one. We both work here on the farm and so meet up every lunch and dinner. We eat out twice a week too, thanks to children who no longer need a babysitter. The real treat to ourselves is a twice a year to our Honeymoon hotel in Devon for 2 nights. Bliss! 
….do fun stuff with your Little Ones?
All the time. We gave up the corporate jobs 10 years ago to run Coombe Mill. The children were the main incentive for doing this. We are here on the farm for them all the time, they help us with our work and we all take time out together as a family. Our holiday farm has turned into exactly the lifestyle I dreamed of for our children. Running my Country Kids linky gives me the opportunity to share our family outdoor time and be inspired by ideas from other bloggers. 
At the beach with the kidsOn the Farm togetherFamily Day trip to Lappa Valley
….spend time with family?
This one is harder, all the extended family from Grandparents to cousins live in the South East. Visits are only about twice a year but very precious when they happen.
At the GrandparentsCousins visiting at Coombe MillThe wider Cambouropoulos Family at Greek Easter
….socialise with friends?
Oh now I do enjoy keeping up with friends from bodying boarding mornings together to hosting parties and accepting all invites coming my way. I love a good get together and take every opportunity. I girls night away is also something I indulge in a couple of times a year, worth every minute to me.  
Body boarding with the girlsGarden Party at Coombe Mill with friends and holiday makersBonfire Party at Coombemill
….prepare an evening meal juggling a baby/toddler bedtime routine?
Whenever possible, we all eat together as a family. This is much easier now the children are growing up and don’t need to eat so early, also their tastes have matured so we all enjoy the same meals. There still remains nights of juggling 4 or more clubs between us for the children and meal times are then in shifts. I do have some after school help with the children or I would never be able to allow the children to do all their activities, cook dinner, help with the homework and deal with the business. Dropping dishing up a meal to take a booking is a common event, but the family have grown up with this and all muck into help.
Family Meal Time
….deep clean your house?
I am a Jackal and Hide character here! The rented properties have to be spotless but my standards are so different in our own home. For me the kitchen and bathrooms are the essentials but the rest is a hoover and flick of the duster!
….do the food shopping?
If it were down to me it would all be on line, however Nick really enjoys the food shop so I leave him with a list each week. The quantities and cost appear to grow by the week with the children!   
….bulk ironing?

Ironing is a rude word in my house. The business linen is a must in serious volume, but most of this I contract out. The iron rarely sees the light of day for us personally, there again the animals don’t seam to mind!

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