Tiramisu from Coombe Cusine

Posted on June 21st, 2012

Perfect for a dinner party

This is one of my favourite puddings. It is rich, sweet and alcoholic, ticks all the boxes for me! What’s more it is so easy to make. I love this recipe so much I never order it when out as it is always a disappointment by comparison. Sadly it is not one I can make for our holiday guests at Coombe Mill as it doesn’t freeze for our freezer meals. However it is so quick I often rustle one up if asked to take a dessert to a supper party, which is exactly why I made this one at the weekend! It can be made the day before which is perfect for me on a busy Saturday with changeover.


500g Full fat cream cheese like Philadelphia (chill well before use)

large 410g tin of sweetened condensed milk, full fat (chill well before use)

Ingredients for Tiramisu

Cocoa Powder for dusting

White chocolate bar or drops

Pack of sponge fingers

Good quality very strong coffee

Brandy, whiskey or marsala wine

Decorative glass serving bowl


1. Whisk the cheese and condensed milk to dropping consistency.

Tip: It is important to make sure both are VERY cold before you start and not use any half fat versions as they will just turn to a liquid consistency. 

Ingredients for mixingWhiskingdropping consistency

2. In a separate dish make some strong coffee and add a few spoonfuls of the Brandy or other to taste. 

3. Dunk the sponge fingers in the coffee to absorb the liquid, turn to soak both sides, remove while just stiff.

4. Begin to layer the cream mixture with alternate sponge layers in the glass serving bowl dusting with cocoa in between. Finish on a cream layer.

5. Dust with cocoa and sprinkle over the white chocolate.

Tip: You can by drops but this is expensive, I like to grate a bar, it forms little curls which are very effective and go so much further – if the children don’t find them!

Coffee and sponge soakinglayering in the dishlayering in the dish

sifting the cocoaPealing the chocolate into curls Tiramisu ready to serve


The finished result is of the bitter coffee sweetened by the creamy mixture with a delicious zing from the brandy. Definitely an adult pudding! One day I would like to give it a go replacing the coffee for lemon juice and the brandy for a citrus liqueur.  Not sure if it will work, but I am sure there is scope to develop this traditional Italian dessert.


Serving of Tiramisu