Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on June 23rd, 2012

Football in the Garden

Football mania has overcome our house this week. Not for Farmer Nick who has never shown any interest in football, but for the children it has been immense. The garden has been turned into a football pitch for my wan-a-bee football stars. From the youngest to the oldest, they have all been letting off steam with a good old leather ball. Lovely easy entertainment for me, I would rather they took the ball to one of the meadows but in true kid style they insisted in playing just outside the kitchen door. Presumably so I could watch and photograph their legendary moves! 


Foodball in the garden at Coombemill


It makes me so happy to watch their growing independence and see them just take off together to do something without me, especially when they are all inclusive with one another and finish up still best of friends.


Best of friends at Coombe Mill


What have been your outdoor highlights recently? I would be delighted for you to grab the badge and share your family adventures here on Country Kids. 


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