Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on June 30th, 2012

Turning an average day into bags of Fun!

Farmer Nick had the boys sweeping the shed floor. Not an exciting job but they were pretty keen as Daddy had promised a turn on his new toy if they did a good job!

Sweeping Farmer Nick's Shed


Nick had the electric Gator on trial for the week to see if it would be a benefit on the farm. Lots of fun to be had but at £5000 second hand I persuaded him that it really wasn’t anything he couldn’t do with the tractor and trailer. I fear it may be a hollow victory as he and the kids clearly loved it and I have caught Nick since eyeing them up on e-bay and on the John Deere web site!

 Fun on the Gator with Dad / Farmer Nick

Disappointed that all the fun was over, the children headed back to the shed. Here they became inspired by the bag of floor sweepings they had collected. I am sure I have the only children who can amuse themselves with a bag of dust! They rigged it up to Dad’s ceiling chain, designed for working on the tractors, and used it as a boxing bag, kick bag and swing. Ten out of ten for initiative boys! (Just for the record I was overseeing this little game at a distance just to ensure there was nothing sharp or dangerous in their punch bag and that it would take their weight for swinging).

At play in Farmer Nick's shedFun on the Gator with Dad


What have you been up to outdoors with the kids this week? Do please grab the badge and share your family fun on the linky. A comment on others would be much appreciated and a great way to find outdoor inspiration. 


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