Thank you Skoda and MADS!

I met the post man at our reception this morning to sign for a package. “What has Farmer Nick been up to now?” was my 1st thoughts on seeing the massive box! I was even more confused on opening and seeing 2 giant cuddly toys and a wonderful box of Thorntons chocolates, this was clearly not a new power tool for Nick. Then I saw the lovely covering note from Skoda, a ‘little’ gift from them as sponsors of the Family Fun Category for the finals of the Mums and Dads Blog Awards (MADS) in September.

My Huge thanks thanks to Skoda and MADS, a wonderful start to my day. 2 of the triplets were quickly on the scene to claim ownership of the huge toys. After much discussion ranging from Gorilla to Polar Bear the boys finally agreed they were snow monkeys and have headed off upstairs to play together. 


 A gift from Skoda for Coombemill

The Chocolates are put by on one side; they might be my late night indulgence while I am creating blog posts. OK may be I will have to let Farmer Nick in on one or two, he does provide a fair bit of subject matter for my blog after all!


Chocolates from Thorntons


I still can’t belief my luck at being a finalist, I am excited all over again now and can’t wait to meet the Team from MADS,Skoda and my fellow blogging finalists!

Finalist Badge



I am so looking forward to meeting the Team from MADS, Skoda and all my fellow bloggers at the awards in September. Not long to go now! 

 It’s Summer and we have the Pick of the beaches from Coombemill!

Thanks to my friend and writer Julie Berman, I have a great run down on the local beaches for your holidays here.  Julie’s children have grown up here in Cornwall and she shares her favourites which I totally endorse!  

Over to JulieLifeguard flag at Polzeath beach

It’s an understatement to say that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to Cornish beaches. Over the years friends have waxed lyrical about some lovely, remote cove that we really must check out (“you just need to park in the local farmer’s field and clamber down some rocks…”) but the reality is that, with young children, we tended to stick to the bigger, more accessible beaches along the North Coast. I’m afraid to say that in the early days I wasn’t at all adventurous on family beach outings. My priorities were going somewhere with a car park not too far away from the beach – arriving exhausted from carrying the picnic, buckets, spades, spare clothes (I don’t travel light – I’m more of a you-name-it-I’ve-packed it-just-in-case-I-need-it sort of parent!) doesn’t put you in the best mood; the all important lifeguard presence; a decent caff for hot drinks on not so warm days and…. functioning loos not a million miles away!!


 These then are our favourites all within a short drive of Coombe Mill:


Trebarwith Strand Beach

We absolutely love this beach. It’s true it can be a slightly longer trek from the car park (although with willing grandparents in tow as extra pairs of hands it’s really not too bad!) and it’s tidal, so not accessible at all hours of the day. But as the girls got older, even at high tide, we would grab a bag of doughnuts and some hot chocolate and sit on the huge rocks overlooking the beach to watch the sea. At low tide this beach is massive and just stunning, surrounded by high cliffs, with small rock pools for safe swimming for little ones. And to top it all a pub with decent food (the Port William) which looks out over the whole beach.


High Tide from the Port William Pub Enjoying the beach at low tideA beach walk at the end of the day


Polzeath/New Polzeath

A beach we’ve graduated towards as the children grew up and got into surfing. Surf’s Up Surf School, run by the amazing Pete and Janey Craske, is on hand to give youngsters their first taste of surfing. There are a couple of good coffee shops and – if you can sneak away – some interesting surf shops where you can check out their sale rails!


 Polzeath BeachPolzeath Beach



A sailing/water skiing beach opposite Padstow. I spent a memorable day here with a friend and her three young children long before I married and moved here myself. I remember watching them for hours – playing hide and seek amongst the sand dunes, paddling in the sea, sailing their little inflatable dinghy on the gentle waves… and it became a favourite with my children many, MANY years later!

 Looking over to Rock and Daymer Bay from Padstow


Daymer Bay

A wind/kite surfing beach just around the coast from Rock. A very short walk down some steps from the car park, gentle waves for paddling, and if you walk along the public footpath, hidden in the dunes, you will find the stunning church of St Enodoc.


Another beach that we visited regularly before we moved here. A small, sheltered beach but with nice waves for bodyboarding. Walk around to the next bay and there is a lovely rocky beach for shell collecting, finding skimming stones and an enclosed pool for swimming.

 Trevone BeachTrevone Beach



In my opinion, Bude beach is worth the slightly longer drive away from Coombe. This huge beach has everything you need – great surfing waves, a fabulous cafe, a play area right next to the main car park (which might mean it actually takes you longer to get back to your car and leave at the end of the day than you planned!), and a fantastic salt water sea pool for safe swimming.

 Fun on Bude Beach


 Now that the children are that bit older, I can see that it won’t be long before we are exploring those unspoilt, private coves for ourselves, but in the meantime, these are our favourites – I hope you will be able to come and try them out too.


My thanks to Julie for sharing, if you would like her to write on any aspect of family life for you please email her 

More information on West Country Beaches

My chosen business to promote this week is The Beach App which also gives a full guide to all the beaches in the area including the ones Julie highlights above. Take a look and you will be more than equiped to enjoy a happy family holiday.


West Country Beaches App



Ssshhh……It’s Sunday again!


Morning Feed Run with Farmer Nick



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Just in Time

Sports day had been scheduled on the primary school calendar for June. Sadly it poured with rain on the allotted day and so June rolled into July. 2 further dates were set and cancelled for the rain and we were left with the last afternoon of term or no sports day at all! This time we were more than lucky, a beautiful July day stretched before us and my greatest concern was whether or not the teachers would apply sun cream for the children!

Who Needs Practice?

Practice for the day had been limited but didn’t seem to matter at all.  The infants were a laugh a minute holding onto their eggs in the Egg and spoon and missing bounces with the bean bags but that only added to the fun and innocence of the day for me. My four, the triplets and Theo, are all in the junior years now and take it all very seriously being far too competitive with one another. Each is in a different house team which caused much upset and heart ache as one is inevitably going to be bragging their team win all the way home while the rest point out all the cheats in their midst! None the less the concentration on their faces shows they enjoyed the day.


Sports day events with the children 


Inevitably the teachers announced the mothers race. I tried to sit quietly dressed inappropriately in flip flops but my four were having none of it. Thankfully Theo is the same size shoe as me to I agreed to do it if he lent me his socks and trainers! This explains why I am on the near side having only just got to the line before the whistle! I didn’t win but frankly I was delighted my lack of pelvic floor exercises didn’t let me down, I didn’t fall over and my kids were proud of me!


Mothers RaceMy best running


Joining In

What have you been doing this week? It has been the first week of the school holidays for many. Do join me and link up your outdoor fun with the kids this week.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Thank you so much to Angie over at Cakesphotoslife for passing the Olympic torch onto Coombemill. We missed the real event passing through Bodmin as it was our changeover day with our holiday guests, but we are off to see the Decathlon live next Thursday. A once in a lifetime opportunity I am thrilled to be attending.

If every day tasks were Olympic events what would you get a gold medal in?

Patience, my 6 children test every ounce of my patience every day, then when they are all peacefully sleeping, or do something spontaneous that is helpful or kind I reflect on how wonderful they are! Here is one such moment:


2) As a child (or now even) did you excel at a particular sport and if so which one?
Gymnastics was my thing. I loved it and still have the leotard complete with badges! As a teenager I became a cycling enthusiast, if I am honest this was largely as a means of transport! However after cycling England, France, Holland and Germany before I was old enough to drive I think I can call it a sport! Now it is just out on the Moors for fun! I would love to add surfing now but since I only bodyboard while the kids do the real thing I don’t think that counts?

Gymnastics badges

3) Michael Phelps (swimmer) or Michael Johnson (runner) – which sport appeals to you more?
Tough one, I enjoy both but I run far more, 15 – 20 miles a week, so I will go with the running..

4) How fast can you get out of bed and ready to go out the door if you miss the alarm and sleep in?
Me? 5 minutes, but with 6 packed lunches to make and kids to sort for the day at school, realistically no less than 1/2 hour on a good day and definitely no tweeting in that time!

5) What fantasy sport would you like to see made into an Olympic event?

Most efficient house cleaner, I would employ all the finalists and allow my holiday guests to arrive an hour early at CoombeMill!

Some of my lovely cleaning team


6) Claim to fame time – Have you ever met an Olympian and who was it?

Oh so nearly! I am friends with the Mum of one of the ladies in the UK rowing team, my friend at University had Sebastian Coe as her neighbour and babysitter. My niece was in the Welsh Gymnastics Team but gave up before ever getting to the Olympics.  I will be able to claim a real sighting if not meeting after next Thursday’s events! 

7) What event in past Olympics can you remember most vividly?
Definitely the Gymnastics, It was the one thing that I would marvel over.

Olympic Stadium London

8) Tuning in at home, not for me or tickets clamped ready in sweaty palms?
Thanks to my lovely Mother in Law, we are going live next Thursday. It all sounds amazing; except for the 5.30am train from Lewes!

9) Who do you think most deserves a gold medal (any walk of life not just Olympians)

Well at present I’m so proud of my Mum. We lost my Dad under a fortnight ago and she is being so very brave.

Mum and Dad with my Kids last Summer


I am passing on the Flame onto:

 who is also a runner, and loosing so much weight post her lovely twins she can’t keep her trousers up 

 because just living day to day sounds like an Olympic event for Emma

 Because she is the 1st to admit that she can’t sit still so I think this is just the meme for her!