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Posted on July 14th, 2012

Resourceful Kids

Last week  described my children as resourceful. I think that is a really good description for them. We try to bring them up to be self sufficient, supportive and respectful. It doesn’t always materialise but I think this week is another example of them showing initiative and resourcefulness in their play time together.

Making Snail Gardens 

It all began when I asked the children to water the greenhouse and have a look for snails and slugs to remove from around the lettuce. The next thing I knew, they were rifling through the recycling for jars and tubs to make “snail homes” for the evicted creatures! This became a serious endeavour as they scrubbed, cleaned and prepared a feast for their new pets!

Searching through the glass recyclingwashing their chosen jarsGarden making




Round and round the green house they went, each in search of the largest most impressive snail. I did have to sacrifice
some of my tomatoes and Clio considered treating them to a strawberry, but then thought better of it! They had such a lovely afternoon, which was perfect as Nick was away and I was holding fort with the holiday business and farm so no opportunity for a family outing. We now have snail pets in their bedrooms, I am hoping this phase will soon pass!   



Making Snail Gardens


Clio even found a caterpillar she named Bella to add to her snail garden. Later that afternoon she let Bella go but drew a picture to remember her by.

Caterpillar as drawn by Clio

Joining In

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