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Posted on July 28th, 2012

Just in Time

Sports day had been scheduled on the primary school calendar for June. Sadly it poured with rain on the allotted day and so June rolled into July. 2 further dates were set and cancelled for the rain and we were left with the last afternoon of term or no sports day at all! This time we were more than lucky, a beautiful July day stretched before us and my greatest concern was whether or not the teachers would apply sun cream for the children!

Who Needs Practice?

Practice for the day had been limited but didn’t seem to matter at all.  The infants were a laugh a minute holding onto their eggs in the Egg and spoon and missing bounces with the bean bags but that only added to the fun and innocence of the day for me. My four, the triplets and Theo, are all in the junior years now and take it all very seriously being far too competitive with one another. Each is in a different house team which caused much upset and heart ache as one is inevitably going to be bragging their team win all the way home while the rest point out all the cheats in their midst! None the less the concentration on their faces shows they enjoyed the day.


Sports day events with the children 


Inevitably the teachers announced the mothers race. I tried to sit quietly dressed inappropriately in flip flops but my four were having none of it. Thankfully Theo is the same size shoe as me to I agreed to do it if he lent me his socks and trainers! This explains why I am on the near side having only just got to the line before the whistle! I didn’t win but frankly I was delighted my lack of pelvic floor exercises didn’t let me down, I didn’t fall over and my kids were proud of me!


Mothers RaceMy best running


Joining In

What have you been doing this week? It has been the first week of the school holidays for many. Do join me and link up your outdoor fun with the kids this week.

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