A Present for my Coombemill Blog!

Posted on July 31st, 2012

Thank you Skoda and MADS!

I met the post man at our reception this morning to sign for a package. “What has Farmer Nick been up to now?” was my 1st thoughts on seeing the massive box! I was even more confused on opening and seeing 2 giant cuddly toys and a wonderful box of Thorntons chocolates, this was clearly not a new power tool for Nick. Then I saw the lovely covering note from Skoda, a ‘little’ gift from them as sponsors of the Family Fun Category for the finals of the Mums and Dads Blog Awards (MADS) in September.

My Huge thanks thanks to Skoda and MADS, a wonderful start to my day. 2 of the triplets were quickly on the scene to claim ownership of the huge toys. After much discussion ranging from Gorilla to Polar Bear the boys finally agreed they were snow monkeys and have headed off upstairs to play together. 


 A gift from Skoda for Coombemill

The Chocolates are put by on one side; they might be my late night indulgence while I am creating blog posts. OK may be I will have to let Farmer Nick in on one or two, he does provide a fair bit of subject matter for my blog after all!


Chocolates from Thorntons


I still can’t belief my luck at being a finalist, I am excited all over again now and can’t wait to meet the Team from MADS,Skoda and my fellow blogging finalists!

Finalist Badge



I am so looking forward to meeting the Team from MADS, Skoda and all my fellow bloggers at the awards in September. Not long to go now!