Sleepover Mayhem

Posted on August 1st, 2012

Sleepover Fun or Madness?

In for a penny in for a pound! This was my thoughts when I finally gave in to my eight and ten year old’s pressure for a summer Playroom sleepover in preparationholidays sleepover. Rather than drag it out with a friend a night I decided to go for all together. The other mothers thought I was slightly bonkers, but I had a plan! They spent the day playing happily on the farm, all the boisterous activities were outdoors and any complaints of “he did….she said” all quickly squashed by me! My office is opposite the play room downstairs and they all spent some time arranging cushions, mattresses and sleeping bags to make a giant indoor tent bedroom whilst I left them to it and endured Now 82 booming out along with the giggles for the 100th time! I worked on into the night as usual with half an ear on the playroom. By the time I went to bed at 1.30 all was quiet and all were fast asleep without me needing to get cross once!


Coombe Kitchen Crafts

In the morning after breakfast and a quick catch up with the end of the feed run I invited  from Cakesphotoslife round to teach the girls and I her wonderful cake decorating. Angie is staying with us on holiday with her family this week and I didn’t want to miss the chance to learn a few tricks! It was a perfect calming activity following a very late night. I was amazed at how a couple of hours could disappear in the fine art of making iced roses and leaves to decorate cupcakes. The girls loved it and Angie was so patient and encouraging with them all. The boys drifted in and out, having a go but not staying the full course, though they were quick to claim a cake when it came to eating! I am seriously considering trialling a “Coombe Kitchen Crafts” Wednesday hour on the farm with the holiday guests and encouraging Angie to go professional with her decorating, she has a real talent!


Coombe Kitchen Crafts - Cake decorating

Finished Cup cakes

Home Time and Happy

After Homemade rolls and cupcakes for lunch the children all left on a high. Early night all round to follow and one mega sleep over chalked up as a success by all! I would definitely allow a sleepover party for them all together again, so long as it is not a school night!


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