Vegetable Curry Feast

Posted on August 13th, 2012

3 versatile dishes, simple yet tasty

Vegetarian food to the non vegetarian can be labelled as lacking. I am a firm believer that vegetables can be very bit as filling and tasty as meat dishes. This Curry combination is one such example. Quick, no fuss and maximum taste, it is a winner with my meat loving family and our holiday makers. It has the added benefit of being low fat and very healthy, packed with nutrition yet tasting like a treat meal! 

 A Vegetable Feast

Slow Cooked Vegetable Curry

This is the main dish which cooks on a low heat in a oven or slow cooker to take the raw crispness out of the veg whist retaining texture and flavour. The other 2 dishes are quick to prepare on the hob when this one is in the oven.

IngredientsFresh Ingredients for Vegetable Curry

Mixed vegetables, chopped into large chunks (I use Onions, sweet potato, mushrooms, coloured peppers, garlic,)

Tin of chopped tomatoes

Approximately 1/2 tin of evaporated milk (creme fresh, Greek yogurt or cream also work if you have some open)

Olive oil

Mild curry spice, paprika, cumin

Corn flour



1. Place a little oil in a deep frying pan

2. Add onion and spices to taste and fry on a medium heat for 2 minutes reducing to a low heat to simmer for a further 5 minutes until onions are turning soft.

Onions and SpicesCooking in the olive oil

3. Transfer to a large casserole dish. 

4. Add the other roughly chopped veg and toss in the spices for 1 minute.

5. Add the tin (or more) of chopped tomatoes to make a thick sauce.

6. Gradually add the evaporated milk to taste to give a rich flavour.


Chopped Vegetables are addedChopped Tomatoes create the Saucemilk or cream add richness

7. Remove a little liquid from the pan in a cup and stir in a spoonful of corn flour. Return to the pan when smooth.

8. Place in the center of a low oven at about 120 degrees for approximately 1 hour


Placed in a low ovenCurry out of the oven


Tarka Dhal

I love the total simplicity of the way I make this dish. I am quite sure it is not authentic, but it tastes it! My recipe is healthy in the extreme but so doesn’t feel like diet food! 

IngredientsIngredients for Tarka Dhal

Red lentils

Mild curry spice


Mixed sweet spice (added about 1:5 vs the other curry spices together)

A few whole cloves



1. Simply place the required quantity of dried lentils in a sauce panTarka Dhal

2. Add the spices to taste

3. Pour over boiling water

4. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 1/2 hour topping up with hot water if needed till the lentils have absorbed the water and spices and are soft.


This dish can be made in advance and warmed through when needed


Bombay Potato

I have been wanting to do some curry meals in our reception freezer for a long time, but have always steered clear as rice can be so tricky to freeze, defrost and reheat safely. When experimenting over a family evening meal I hit upon the idea of Bombay potato. The perfect solution to freezing my curries! I have tried various different methods but found the simple one the best, the healthiest, the quickest and the tastiest, so here it is: 


Good boiling potatoes like Whites

Turmeric, Mild Curry Spice



1. Peal and cube the potatoes.

2. Toss in the Spices and crushed garlic.

3. Add just enough boiling water to cook the potatoes.

4. Bring to the boil then simmer till just cooked but still in shape.

5. Drain any remaining surplus liquid (this can be added to the curry if needed as the starch will help thicken the sauce). 


cubed potatoesSpices are addedSimmered until just soft

Serving and Freezing

The three dishes compliment each other very well and can all be frozen. For my Coombe Cuisine range I layer the tarka dhal, then the curry and top with the bombay potato. A perfect ready to go healthy meal after a hard day on the farm!


3 pots for 3 curries3 dishes served upReady to freeze for Coombemill guests


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