Spontaneous Raspberry Ice Cream & Jam

Posted on August 21st, 2012

Raspberries Galore

We finally took the children Raspberry Picking a couple of weeks back. We missed the strawberry season but the kids were quite happy to go for raspberries instead. It was a lovely afternoon and reminded me how much fun children can have with the simplest of days out, it is just being together with Mum and Dad when we are not working that really matters to them. 

Faced with 5 punnetts of raspberries at the end of the afternoon we had a discussion on the way home abut what to make with them. Cakes and meringue were discarded in favour of Ice cream and Jam. In true kid style there was not a moment to lose when we arrived home, it was hand washing and straight into checking the cupboards for ingredients. I figured on a quick inspection had we had enough to cobble some recipes together:

Ice Cream IngredientsIngredients for raspberry ice cream

2 punnets of Raspberries (aprox 1kg).

2 450g tins of Sweetened condensed milk.

1/2 tub of low fat creme fresh.

1 tub of Greek yoghurt.


Place all ingredients into the blender and whiz well.

Decant into plastic containers.

Place in freezer.

Remove and re whiz after about 2 hours when just beginning to set, then return and leave over night.

 Opening the tins of condensed milkHelping pour ingredients into the blenderHelping pour ingredients into the blender

I was very brave at this stage and allowed the children to place everything in themselves, just a minor “slop” to clear up!

They all took it in turns to press “go” on the blender and felt very involved in what was essentially a really simple process!

We made 3 ice cream tubs full and the children are delighted with the result!

 Blending ingredientsAll watching!

Ice cream ready for freezingIce cream Cornets!  Ice cream Cornets!

Jam Ingredients

500g packet of granulated sugar.

1 500g punnett of raspberries.

Juice of 1/2 a lemon.


Melt sugar and raspberries over a medium heat with a dash of water.

Bring to the boil stirring continuously.

Test if the jam is ready by pouring a little on a cold plate to see if it begins to set. (approximately 5 minutes). 

 Raspberries and sugarCookingJam forming

We made 2 good size jars and it is absolutely delicious, especially as Cornish Cream Tea with homemade scones and clotted cream, or simply spread on my homemade bread. definitely good uses of our raspberry haul! the last 2 punnets the children ate as DIY raspberry Sundae that evening!


Jar of homemade jamSpread on homemade breadCornish Cream Tea!


Roll on blackberry picking, just another week to ripen fully down here in Cornwall! 


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