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Posted on September 1st, 2012

D.I.Y Karting Fun with Farmer Nick

After a quiet cycle ride with my eldest turned horribly wrong and his chain buckled and broke (he was fine), Theo the ever resourceful and imaginative one decided to use the wheels, together with that of another old bike to make a go kart! He may be full of ideas and enthusiasm, but his design ‘know how’, beyond needing wheels, at age 10 is still somewhat lacking. Cue a little help from Daddy! Guy and Jed were quick to muscle in on the action and all assembled with Dad in the big shed to set about their task. It was a full morning’s work and only Theo was prepared to help Dad all the way with the building, Guy and Jed dancing around popping too and fro largely to check on their progress.

Inspired by old tyresDesign discussionsGetting down to work

On go the wheelsMid way testFinal structure to hold the wheels straight


Theo triumphantly rode the new Go-Kart out of the shed and across the ford claiming it as his after putting in the most effort and coming up with the idea!


Theo taking the kart through the ford


The following sequence of events made me laugh. With no pedals Theo really needed a push from the others, and so the bartering began where by Theo invited the younger boys to help push and they agreed only if they took it in terns to ride. A simple negotiation, but great to watch them realize they needed one another. They proceeded to push and ride down the lane and across into our pony field demonstrating effective team work for hours. It was a pleasure to watch them create and enjoy this simple kart together. Thank goodness they have such a practical Dad, like them I wouldn’t have known where to begin! 

Plenty of fun and exercise on a homemade Go Kart:


I did have my heart in my mouth at times and have to push aside my motherly urge to stop their fun in the name of safety, but I resisted pacifying myself instead with a few “slow down” and “carefully” shout outs and they were just fine.

Country Kids August Winner

My Coombe Mill Kids Sun hat for August goes to  for a lovely post reflecting on an action packed outdoor week Country Wide. Thank you for all the great posts about your outdoor fun, I do love to read them all and be inspired for my own children.

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