Cupcakes – anything goes!

Posted on September 2nd, 2012

An end of holiday wet afternoon activity

It is the end of the holidays, the children have been pretty good on balance and even the weather has been reasonable, apart from one day last week. From waking to sleeping it was clearly not about to stop. There is a limit to how much TV and computer time I will allow and even I draw the line at sending them out in relentless rain, unless they choose to go! Clio has been waiting all holiday for some Mummy time to make cup cakes so this was the time to honour that promise! It wasn’t long before Guy and Jed, her triplet brothers, cottoned onto the activity and snuck on in too. Even though this was meant to be Clio’s special activity with me, the children are so accustomed to sharing, she never once complained as one by one they crept in on her afternoon. On the contrary, she welcomed their involvement gladly sharing out cakes and even a turn at licking the bowl!

My own Cup Cake recipe

This is a recipe I come back to time and time again. I add and subtract from it for different cakes, but 90% of my baking centres around the same base recipe. I love it for its shear simplicity.

IngredientsIngredients for cup cakes

Any cup size works. I tend to use a 250g cup

1 cup of Wholemeal Self Raising flour

2 cups of Self Raising white flout

2 cups of granulated sugar

1 cup of sunflower oil

1 cup of yogurt

1 ripe bananaBaking tray and cases

1 egg

Paper cases A few drops of vanilla essence

2 Bun trays



1. Simply mix all ingredients together. I use my food mixer but a good beat by hand in a bowl works fine.

It is a great one for younger children to help with as there really is no skill involved and it always works!

 Making cupcake mixture

2. Place paper cases into the bun tins.

3. Divide the mixture into paper cases, leave a cm at the top of the case for the cakes to rise. Our mixture made 25.

4. Bake in a moderate oven 160degrees for approximately 15 – 20 minutes till golden and risen.

5. Leave to cool whist enjoying licking the mixing bowl! 

 Filling paper cases for cooking

Icing and Decorating

This is where the fun really begins. We were given a lovely collection of icing bags, cases and cutters by Angie from Cakes Photos Life when she and the family came on holiday and this was our first time of trying them all out. Previously I have just smoothed the butter icing on the cakes and then left the children to decorate them, but having the icing bags made it much more fun and professional looking.

IngredientsIcing and decorating ingredients

Icing sugar


Food colouring

Vanilla essence

A few drops of water

Decorations of your choice

I chopped up a crunchy bar and opened a packet of toffee popcorn to add to our fondant icing and cutters, hundreds and thousands and writing icing.  



I just add the ingredients without measuring but icing sugar is the main ingredient with a good spoon of butter and just drops of the rest. Whiz them together to a stiff consistency and decant into the icing bags.

The children all had a go at piping and made a pretty good job; it is great for coordination and harder than it looks! Remember to wash the bag and the mixer thoroughly between colours!


Making Icing

So absorbing

The three children must have spent an hour icing and decorating away until every cake looked like something off the Christmas tree! The only problem I had was stopping them eating one before supper. We agreed to have them in the centre of the table over dinner and they happily shared them wth everyone at the table, something else which I only realize on reflection was a triumph of the afternoon: no arguing that they were only for them and not their older brothers; even Dad was allowed to tuck in!


 Decorating and enjoying cupcakes!


Delighted with the finished results, they were all gone in 2 days, so much for me using them for packed lunches!


Cup cake delights!


I am also linking up with Jenny for I love cake where her theme is “Celebration Cakes” I think these would make excellent celebration cakes for any occasion. Why not pop over and see what others have been creating.