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Posted on September 8th, 2012

Blackberry Picking on the Farm

The months are marching past this year. After our success at Raspberry picking last month I was determined not to miss the blackberries here on our farm and the children had already identified where all the best places were. Dressed quite inappropriately in shorts and flip flops after a lovely day on the beach, we set out on the farm for some easy pickings. The children were correct and there were plenty of juicy berries to choose from without risking our toes in the brambles! 

Blackberry picking on Coombemill Farm

Making Blackberry Buns Together

Memories of colourful cupcakes still fresh in their minds the children opted to make blackberry buns from their haul. Using my ‘oh so simple cake mix’ we soon set to work. There was division in the ranks over whole blackberries verses smooth mix, we compromised with some of each and they were in the oven to bake within minutes.

Farm Blackberry Buns in making

My Entrepreneurial Kids

Never ones to let a pocket money opportunity pass them by, they asked if they could sell them round the cottages and lodges to our holiday makers. I hate to dampen their ideas, but was nervous at the thought of our poor guests being bombarded by my children so we agreed some rules. Yes they could knock on the doors, provided they remembered their manners, restricted the price to 20p per bun and said thank you and left if they chose not to buy one. We iced them and added a blackberry on the top for the finished effect and off they went. They were triumphant in their sales and sold out with just under £6 to split between them. I did sneak a couple and concluded that the whole blackberry version worked the best.

Selling Farm Buns to the cottages and Lodges at Coombe Mill

Ice Cream with the Leftovers!

Another really simple recipe I made up is raspberry ice cream. I simply substituted blackberries this time and we had it decanted and into the freezer in under 5 minutes.  I didn’t bother with the second whisk at the slushy stage and it was no worse as a result, so it is now an even easier recipe with the same great result! 

Coombe Farm Blackberry Ice Cream

Joining In

What have you been up to recently with the kids? I know it has been back to school for many, have you managed to get out after school, the weekend or enjoyed the lovely late summer burst with preschool children? Please come and share your outdoor fun together here on my linky. Badge below, you know the drill!

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