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Posted on September 15th, 2012

River Play

Last Saturday saw the end of a wonderful burst of summer weather. Like most children mine are not good in the heat and tend to head for the water guns, stand pipe for car washing or just a dip in the river. It was Saturday and Farmer Nick was busy on a leaking dishwasher fix it while I was supervising cleaning the properties ready to welcome our new holiday makers. Theo had finished feeding the animals and Guy had finished stripping the beds in the properties and so they were free to play. I think they had been inspired by an old rope swing they play on in the neighbours’ woods and their fun earlier in the year at the Lostwithiel festival. As I crossed the car park I could hear the children’s voices down by the river. I detoured over to check what they were up to and just had to run back for the camera. Ten out of ten to the pair of them for rigging this one up with no help at all, only Daddy to check they had chosen suitable branches and secured their claimed bailer twine safely! 



I had my daily Mummy panic moment when I thought Guy was going in on the 2nd swing, but thankfully all was well and I didn’t need to dampen their afternoon fun.

Crafty Rafting

Having cooled off the boy’s continued with their creative flow and raided the recycling bins to make floating rafts. Theo was a little unfair on Guy and failed to fill him in on the science of weighting the raft. He secured a stone from the base of his raft to act as a keel and then had no trouble out racing Guy. I was delighted he had obviously paid attention in science at school and decided to put his learning to the test, even if it was at the expense of his younger brother!

 Raft building with weighted keelRaft without a keelWinning raft!

Joining In

I love to be inspired by others, so please join in and share your outdoor fun. Country Kids is all about leaving the telly, the computer and other indoor attractions and motivating children with being active or creative outdoors anywhere from the garden to the beach. Simply grab the badge and share the outdoors.

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