A day in the life of Farmer Nick

Posted on September 17th, 2012

Shadowing the Farmer 

I thought it might be fun to take a peep at a typical day on our holiday farm for Farmer Nick, my husband and Daddy to our six children. This I did on Monday following Nick around with a camera for the day!


Farmer Nick

Daily Checks

With six children and two schools in different directions, Nick and I share the school run. Once back from that he is straight into his morning farm safety checks. At Coombe Mill we have our own spring water, together with a water treatment plant, which is checked daily by Nick to ensure any bugs are filtered from the water supply before it is stored in our giant tanks and pumped to the properties on demand. It does make me smile when our holiday maker’s use bottled water all week, yet we have the same flowing out of our taps!


Water Treatment Plant


Other checks include the Reception freezer and fridge temperatures and the delights of the septic tanks for the sewage levels – ummm, it’s an exciting life! 

Morning Tractor rides to feed the animals 

This is when things become fun. An hour and a half of feeding the animals with our little holiday helpers. A turn at driving the tractor is always a treat and the animals know just what to expect as the tractor and trailer draws close. Often there are extra chores too like moving animals to different pastures.


Tractor Driving HelpStoking baby chicksFeeding  the goats


Once the guests have disembarked from the tractor and trailer, and headed back to their cottages and lodges to make their plans for the day, Farmer Nick is free to work on some of his many farm projects.

A new Farm Toy in use

On Saturday Nick returned from the agricultural auction wielding a Mulcher. Like a child with a new toy he couldn’t wait to put it to good use. At this time of year the farm is beautiful, but all the hedges need chopping back creating more off cuts than the goats can munch though. This new farm toy gives a great recycling opportunity as mulching the branches generates fresh chippings for the play areas. All day he chopped, mulched, transported and tipped, stopping only for the afternoon school run.

Farmer Nick at work mulching to make chippings for the play area

Our “Little helpers” returned to Coombe Mill, from a busy day exploring Cornwall with their families, to delight of new soft landings as they zoomed down the slides!


 Enjoying the new soft landing


Family Time

Evenings for Farmer Nick and I are often spent taxing our six children around from club to club with meals in 2 shifts, but on Mondays we have a quiet evening and enjoy a family meal together. This week we headed out to our indoor BBQ house to share some quality family time and exchanged stories and banter of the day’s events. There is one hut by the lodges for our holiday makers to do the same. New this summer, I am fast discovering they are best way to warm up on a chilly autumn evening! Farmer Nick is of cause the BBQ King while I prepare the food.

Coombemill BBQ houseInside the BBQ houseEnjoying the warmth on a family BBQ

Finally, with the children heading to bed and me settling down to blog, Farmer Nick relaxes to watch the news, only he never actually manages to stay awake. “Just dozing” he claims!  

 Farmer Nick relaxing / snoozing!