Country Wellies for all seasons

Posted on September 17th, 2012

Ready for Autumn

I love this time of year on the farm, the leaves are beginning to turn, the sun still has real warmth and out on the farm with the children is beauty, fresh air and a sense of freedom. Our river and its tributaries run through our 30 acre holiday farm and make owning a good pair of wellington boots essential. Having said that, I am easily taken in by the latest trendy design and known to compromise on quality, the down side of this being that every 3 months my boots spring a leak and I am hunting out some new ones. When the super quality outdoor clothing company Joules offered me the chance to review some children’s and adults wellies I knew I was in for a treat.

Joules Wellies for Mummy and daughter

Joules wellies come in an amazing array of country fun designs with prices for ladies boots from £36.95; I must confess to dithering on which to try, they all look stunning. In the end I settled on an understated stylish deep purple pair for me and bright floral print for Clio.


The real test is in the wearing.

It was all I could do to persuade Clio to wear socks “but they are so soft Mummy, I don’t need socks”! Mine came in a wide fitting, but I have slim calves so my heart sank when I opened them, however they adjust at the top so I could draw them in and actually that worked perfectly as they didn’t slide at all at the ankle despite being very roomy. I ordered a size 6 even though I am a shoe size 5 and am glad I did as they will be perfect with extra boot socks on frosty winter mornings, yet still felt comfortable in the autumn sun with just one pair.  

Joules Wellies out on Coombe Mill Farm

We really put them through their paces on a mummy and daughter farm tour…..


We watched for wild trout and salmon which pass through Coombe Mill on their way back up stream at this time of year,


Watching for trout and Salmon in the river Camel


then continued through our woodland path towards the ford.

Coombe Woodland paths


Splashing through the ford together with not a care in the world and lovely dry feet!


Splashing through the Ford


Good grip on the bottom of the boots are perfect for climbing trees and balancing on logs


Climbing trees at CoombemillBalancing on a log

Across the fields we strolled to visit the animals on our farm. Rolo the donkey is a favourite with everyone, while our new Billy goat is settling in perfectly on the farm and already has one of our lady goats as his friend. We are hopeful for some pretty kids by spring next year!

 Hello goatsRolo the Donkey

Sitting on Daddy’s Tractor together!

Farm Tractor

The verdict

They are without doubt the most comfortable and stylish boots I have ever owned and Clio has worn hers nonstop since they arrived. If they pass the 3 month leak test, then my love of bargain cheap fashion boots may have just come to an end!



I was sent the boots to review for this post. All opinions voiced here are my own and honest.