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Posted on September 29th, 2012

Fun at Padstow

Padstow or PadStein as it has become known locally is one of our favourite family towns to visit. Many are resentful of the Rick Stein take over of Padstow, he now has 4 restaurants, a fish shop and a delicatessent in the pretty harbour town. Hoewever, they have all brought in tourism, employment and made Padstow stand out on the Cornish map from its humble fishing habour past. Trendy surfing and sailing clothes stores have moved in and the quay side is brimming with activity. It is about a 25 minute drive from Coombemill, often we cycle from Wadebridge along the Camel Trail, a beautiful off road track along the esturary, but last Sunday we decided to drive down, park along the trail, walk in for an early supper at Rick Steins Fish and Chip restaurant. 

A walk is never just a walk with children

When you mention a walk to children they all huff and puff and if I am honest I know it was the lure of the fish and chips that had them all running for their shoes and into the car! Having said that once out the children, big and small, all found plenty to amuse themselves on the way in:

There are ample bicycle lock up points at the end of the Camel Trial.  Now that the August peak tourist season has passed, and the weather pretty indifferent, they stood empty.  The children soon decided they made fun climbing apparatus! 


Climbing on the bicycle lock up points in Padstow


There is always the temptation to clamber down to the sea, whereby I spend my time worrying they will be soaking wet before they reach the reastaurant and they delight in posing ever closer to the water!


Padstow close to the waters edge


Surely benches are for jumping off not sitting on and who could resist hiding in some old harbour boats or climbing the tracks of a digger?

Playing along the harbour


Dinner Feast

We had all worked up an appitite by the time we arrived and were ready to tuck in, thank fully we didn’t have to queue for very long, though seating 8 of us together is always a challenge!


Rick Stein's Fish and Chip Restaurant 

Joining in With Country Kids

Even though the weather is turning to autumn, I do hope you are still finding ways to enjoy a little fresh air with the kids. Please share your adventures here, I find so many creative and inspiring ideas from seeing your links each week.

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