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Posted on October 6th, 2012

One on One time with Children

In a family with 6 children one on one time is a rare commodity, however when the opportunity arises Farmer Nick and I both take full advantage. It may be helping Daddy on the farm with the animals, baking with me in the kitchen or even something as simple as the grocery shop. The activity is less important than the time we spend together.  

Potato Table Decorations

After a wet day this week the sun came out late afternoon, Jed and Theo were helping Daddy with some animal fencing, Clio was at Brownies and the older two upstairs doing homework. That left Guy who I diverted from the television and challenged to make us a table decoration for dinner. This was something I remember doing as a child and my memory was jogged by seeing other Autumn outdoor crafts over recent weeks on Country Kids, like Rainy Day Mum, Pink Oddy and Green Finger Kids. Guy eagerly took the challenge and we set off together round the farm with an empty ice cream tub and a pair of secateurs to find interesting plants for our centre piece.

Collecting plant and flower stems on the farm

Returning to the garden table I showed Guy how to stab the potato with a skewer to make a hole, then add his chosen trimmed stems. He was quite absorbed whilst I clicked away with the camera.


Making a Potato Table Center Piece

Once finished he proudly carried it to the table and it did make a lovely centre piece for dinner! I rather fancy attempting a Christmas version with holly and a little gold paint. 


Potato Center Piece in Place


Clio was beside her shelf when she came home from Brownies having missed out on the fun. Needless to say I used the other half of the pototo with her the following day!

Country Kids Hat for September

This month hat goes to Chelsea Mamma for her post on the Bournmouth Festival. I could just picture my boys there loving every minute.

Joining In

Each month I am amazed and inspired by the great photography, fun, ideas and support behind Country Kids. Please don’t give up heart now the weather is turning. Just wrap up and embrace the changing seasons. I love to read and see how you manage to blow the indoor cobwebs away with some outdoor fun. Please grab the badge and share back here on the linky. 

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