Resourceful Farmer Nick

Posted on October 8th, 2012

Recycling in many guises here on the farm

We have always been hot on recycling here at Coombe Mill. There are 3 recycling points around the farm all clearly labelled up Recycling binsfor Paper & Card, Plastic Bottles, Cans and Glass. Despite living at the bottom of a very steep hill with Coombe Bridge as weight restricted to three tonnes, Cornwall council send down a special small truck for our road and we are delighted to support them.

Anyone who has stayed here will know that being eco friendly and recycling goes further for us. Our latest properties have energy saving solar panels to heat the hot water and efficient under floor heating, while out on the farm resource saving initiatives know no limits. All the vegetable scraps from our household and our guests add variety to the pigs diet, they love everything from banana skins to tea bags, although their favourite is a left over iced bun; pigs definitely have a sweet tooth!


Scandinavian lodge with solar panels Pig vegetable scrapsThis year's piglet 

New Generation Innovative Recycling

A while ago Farmer Nick had the inspired idea to take the old play equipment that was not longer fit for the children’s play areas and use them as animal shelters. They brighten up the fields, add a touch of fun to the farm and the animals are delighted! 


Goat homeGoat homeChicken House


The latest piece of equipment to be used in this way is the old trampoline, which in itself was in perfect condition and less than a year old, however the safely net had developed a rip rendering it unsuitable for the children. I was rather hoping to do a sewing job on the net and move it to our garden for our own children to use, however I was too late as Farmer Nick had other plans!


Erecting the new trampoline by the play boat: 

Trampoline building


The old trampoline had wire added around the base and was relocated into Jurassic Park. It is now the home for the teenage Polish Bantam chickens! They are not yet able to mix with the adults as in the cruel animal world they would be bullied as the weaker members. Here they can grow alongside their older counterparts ready to be released with them in a few weeks time. It has created a perfect safe, light and airy enclosure within Jurassic Park. Sorry Kids, perhaps one for the Christmas list after all!


 New Chicken home



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