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Posted on October 13th, 2012

Far away from the farm

We have been in Lanzarote all week with our younger four children while the older ones, together with Farmer Ted, have looked after the farm and our holiday guests for us. Arriving home to green and drizzle last night I couldn’t have been happier, I just wanted to take endless photos of the farm today it looks so beautiful after the sun scorched rock of Lanzarote. Having said that we had a wonderful time together and as we were on an all inclusive safe resort, the kids had the freedom they are so accustomed to here on the farm, just totally different activities, which was perfect. It was of course an outdoor based holiday and here are a few of our highlights for Country Kids.

Round the Pool:


Around the swimming pool


Guy gets his imagination running with pool side inflatables:



We discovered an outdoor Gym along the sea front which even Farmer Nick had to try!


 Outdoor Gym

 On the beach with some beach burying, family volleyball and splashing in the sea, no need for wet suits here!


The Beach and Sea


Down at the local market I found my self acting as a model for a wrap dress that Nick claimed looked like a dish cloth which was enough to ensure I didn’t buy one! We were all captivated by the amazing human statues along the way and Nick had serious boat envy!

Market Day Fun

 A captivated audience with my kids:

Without doubt the highlight of the holiday was our boat trip, inspired by Nick’s yearning from watching them all moored up! A lovely looking million pound plus boat was offering 2 hour trips with snorkelling and fishing. We booked up and sailed off with two delightful members of crew and turned out to have the boat all to ourselves. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon, thankfully not one we can afford to indulge in very often as did discover I lack good sea legs and was glad of a pool day to regain my equilibrium before the long journey back to Cornwall.  

Boating Fun

There is plenty to catch up on here on the farm and I am refreshed and ready to go. Holidays are definitely great for ensuring time out from work and time spent with the family. 

Joining In

OK so not everyone has been on holiday this past week, but Country Kids is perfect for ensuring a little family time and enjoying the wonders of the outdoors. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! Please grab the badge and share your adventures with me here, then be inspired by others too.

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