Well Hello Rambo!

Posted on October 17th, 2012

Thinking Spring!Jacobs Lambs

At this time of year on the farm we are planning ahead to next year, all those cute spring babies need careful planning and Farmer Nick has a meticulously planned timetable for all the animals. Our sheep are Jacobs, known for their lovely black and white colouring and horns. We have found them to be pretty, gentle and to give us just the cutest lambs. We aim for lambs from March through April, this involves finding a suitable Ram and letting him loose on our ewes a couple at a time from now to the end of November. 

Enter RamboRambo

Rambo comes from a lovely Farm up at Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor. We have a
different Ram each year to avoid inbreeding. This year we have a real handsome devil, entirely fitting of his name Rambo! He has been delivered to the field next to the ewes and eagerly eyeing them up for the past couple of days.

One Man and His Dog

We don’t have a farm dog, but never mind, we have the wonderful trio that is Farmer Nick, Farmer Ted and Me! I know it is not going to be easy when I am roped in to assist, and they know I will have the camera in one hand! But I figured trying to capture these lovely ewes and separate one off for our eager Rambo would be entertaining so I gamely joined the team.

After 2 laps of the field I see why farmers with hundreds of sheep need a dog, even our dozen really gave us the run a round. Finally we cornered them and coaxed them in the direction of the carrel, before separating the lucky lady to meet her boyfriend!

A Match Made in Heaven! 

I couldn’t resist a little comic strip from my photos of the afternoon fun: 

Sheep herding with Farmer NickSheep herding with Farmer Nick

Sheep giving Ted the run a roundCaptured the sheep

Closing the gate on the carrelWhere is Rambo?

One sheep is separated


A proposition from Rambo!Match made in heaven!

Sheep love!

Well it tickled me making it anyway! Now here’s to hoping for some beautiful lambs from late February onwards, if you are booked to stay there should be cuddles all round and the treat of bottle feeding any orphans from the group.