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Posted on October 20th, 2012

A Mum and Daughter Afternoon

We are finally reaching that time of the year where our busy changeover Saturdays are slowing down. This week I was able to take advantage of a couple of hours in the sunshine with Clio between checking our freshly cleaned properties and welcoming in our newly arriving guests. Heading out onto the farm with a stale loaf of bread we were warmly welcomed by all the animals.

Clio on the farm


Wondering back up the garden path we decided on a quick check of our over grown and somewhat abandoned green house. Despite a huge burst of enthusiasm when we planted it back in the spring, we have been very remiss with our subsequent tending and I really didn’t hold out much hope of discovering anything edible between the weeds. Clio’s squeal of delighted when she as she foraged through the greenhouse told me I might just be wrong. Indeed so wrong I had to back track to the house to find a container for our haul! Tomatoes, cucumber and perfect little red chillies were just perfect for picking and the herbs were all thriving too!

Green house pickings

Encouraged by our findings here we checked the vegetable crop we thought we lost round the back of the green house, the sweetcorn and carrots were nowhere to be seen but beetroot must be more hardy and had survived just fine.

Beetroot uncovered


Back in the house we added the splitting tomatoes and red chillies to the chilli I had left simmering for supper and used the rest to make a salad together. Boiling the beetroot we made a simple beetroot salad too. By the time Nick and the boys returned with the grocery shopping Clio and I were able to pronounce supper already well in hand and just 3 properties left to check in. 


Making Supper


Joining In with Country Kids

How have you enjoyed the outdoors with the children? Fresh air is good for us all, wrap up and enjoy, then pop back and share your fun here on the linky. Do take a little time to see what others have been up to; there are some lovely ideas each week.

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