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Posted on October 27th, 2012

Happy Birthday Country Kids!

Country Kids is one this week. When I began a year ago, still in my first year as a blogger, it was beyond my wildest dreams so see so many enjoying posting about their outdoor fun and supporting the whole ethos of outdoor family time, fresh air and rosy cheeks. One year on and I am loving hosting the linky, struggling to choose just one of your posts a month for my Country Kids sun hat, and delighting in reading and learning from what others are doing. Our Happy Birthday mud pie cake was inspired by Laura from The Life and Times of the Working Mum. The light was fading as the triplets rushed to change from school and help with our special cake.

Making a Celebration Mud Pie Cake

The messy bit!

We set off to the river for some squelchy mud armed with spades, hands, a large glass bowl as a mold and a tray. I love this bit, soggy trousers, filthy wellies and mud everywhere but truly happy Country Kids!


Mud Pie making down at the river



Thinking Pretty

We carefully placed the tray on top of the bowl and turned the whole thing over to release a perfectly formed mud cake. The children then delighted in running off round the gardens and meadows and farm hedgerows collecting all the pretty coloured leaves and flowers to decorate their perfectly formed mud pie cake.  I do love some of the photos here, I think it is the boys looking angelic with flowers after being caked in mud just a few minutes earlier!


Flower and leaf collecting


The Creative Part


It was a team effort to decorate our cake with all their beautiful findings. We discovered this is such a fantastic time of year for rich vibrant colours. They left a space in the centre to light a tea candle just like a proper birthday cake. The children were so proud of the finished result and rightly so. I was even more proud of the way they supported one another and marvelled over each other’s decorations, rather than squabbling over details and who did the most. I did allow them each a turn at lighting the candle or that would have been sure to have caused ructions! 


Decorated Mud Pie Cake


A round of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ was then in order, some of our guests came to see what we were celebrating and joined in with the singing too, as they had been following Country Kids on the blog news before coming on holiday.



Joining In

I am delighted to be carrying on into year two with Country Kids and hope you will join me in grabbing the badge and linking up your outdoor family fun. Anywhere from the Country to the City is fine, so long as it involves some fresh air and rosy cheeks. Please try and take a look at a few others here as there are always some great ideas and leave them a comment too.


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