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Posted on November 3rd, 2012

Halloween at Coombe Mill

Wednesday was our annual Halloween evening. Normally this falls the week after half term and we have just a dozen or so little helpers on the farm for some organized Trick or Treating. This year, with so many children and the added benefit of two empty cottages which are due to be turned into a super new Family cottage for 2014, it felt like the perfect timing for some added party games. What better a location for a haunted house! No electric, nothing to be precious about just an empty carcass to have some fun and as it turned out shelter everyone from the rain! Semi outdoors but I think a shell of a building in outdoor gear still counts.   

Derelict Cottage Turned Haunted House

An afternoon of preparation and the house is ready to party:

Halloween Party Preparation

Let the Party Begin

With games like splat the rat, Ghostly pinata, apple bobbing, go wild and paint the walls, and musical statues the younger children were entertained without being scared, while in the 2nd bedroom we had the scary coffin of a dissected body and a cackling Witch encouraging you to delve into the coffin and feel the body parts, strictly for the older children and adults!


Halloween Party fun for all the family


Trick or Treat.

We have an organised Trick or Treating procession at Coombe Mill. Every participating house has a Pumpkin outside and then we know they are ready for our visit. Reconvening at reception after our party games the children were armed with their collecting bags and fired up for more fun despite the rain. I led an orderly procession along with the parents from property to property; well as orderly as can be expected with around 25 super excited children! It rained and it poured but I don’t think anyone really minded. We even had our very own Coombe Mill Ghost peeping out from windows and behind cottages to the wonder of the children. 


Spooky quest for sweets!


A huge effort had been made to decorate houses and prepare for the treat onslaught, my thanks to all the parents for helping make it a memorable evening with an amazing haul for each child to take home.

Halloween delights

A whole heap of Halloween fun for everyone all wrapped up on one spooky film:


I think Halloween and half term are likely to coincide next year too, if you fancy joining our Halloween fun and games and enjoying a family week of outdoor fun on the farm be sure to get in touch.

Joining in with Country Kids

Whether you have been celebrating Halloween outdoors or just enjoying some family time with the children in the fresh air, please come and join in and be inspired by others too. Rosy cheeks and fresh air make for healthy happy kids.

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