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Posted on November 10th, 2012

Bonfire Night a la Coombe Mill

Our firework party is becoming a bit of a legend. Each year Farmer Nick and I hone our organisation and production skills to bring our guests and local friends a bonfire party to remember. It comes hot on the heels of our Halloween party so we need to be super organised to manage both in the space of a week and it is all hand on deck for our children in the run up to make sure everything runs like clockwork on the night. 

Many Hands make light work

Preparations for the big night include making our Guy, who this year was a topical figure, building the bonfire and laying out the tables, chairs and BBQ on the day. We also went for a gazebo as weather insurance and were glad we did since we caught a shower.

BBQ preparations with all the family


Designed for all the family

Our party kicks off in the car park at 4.30pm. The early start gives us an hour of light to chat over a drink and a delicious Coombe Mill sausage fresh from the BBQ at a sensible hour for our younger guests. Everyone has a chance to admire the children’s handy work on the Guy and as the BBQ runs down.


 Sausages and Socializing as the night light draws in

Bring on the Fireworks

Farmer Nick makes a quiet exit from his chef role to mount the Guy on the Bonfire and puts the last pieces in place for the fireworks while we all remain in the car park toasting marshmallows in the embers and enjoy some sparkler fun as the light fades to darkness. 

 Sparklers and Marshmallows

On Nick’s cue we cross with anticipation from one car park to another to watch the bonfire take hold and Farmer Nick set off an amazing display to rival any organised event. Every year I am so proud of him and so happy there were no dud fireworks to cause any accidents! Everyone finishes up admiring the blaze from the flames and marvelling at another successful party.

It is so hard to capture fireworks well on camera but there are a few in the video here I am rather proud of:



Come and be part of the fun 

We would be delighted for you and your families to join us next year when our Bonfire party will be held on Sunday November 3rd.  This is the week following the school half term and prices are super low, so plenty of reasons to take a family autumn farm holiday!

Joining in with Country Kids

Whatever you have been doing outdoors with the children this week please come and share your fun here on the linky and be inspired by others here too. From outdoor crafts to playing in the park, Country Kids is all about healthy fresh air time for children. Please grab the badge and join the fun.


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