Frog in the Bog aka Toad in the Hole!

Posted on November 15th, 2012

Prompted by Facebook

Last week I posted on Facebook a snap shot of one of my regular family meals: ‘Toad in the Hole’. I was surprised by all the comments and questions I had coming back, it seems a popular dish thwart with a few cooks concerns, so I offered to blog my recipe and tips for the perfect Toad in the Hole, or Frog in the Bog as my children have relabelled it. The rising Yorkshire pudding around the sausages pieces does bear a passing resemblance to the farm frogs emerging from our swampy section of the wood!


Frog in the Bog



I make all the ingredients shown here in double for our family of 8 and serve with roast potatoes, garden peas and gravy. 


125g strong bread plain flour.Ingredients for Toad in the Hole

Pinch of salt and pepper.

2 eggs.

270ml whole milk.

8 large chunky quality sausages or vegetarian sausages.

Oil for greasing and a desert spoon for the mix. 

2l Good quality Roasting tin or oven proof dish or bun tins



Pour the flour and seasoning into a food processor with a whisk head. 

Add the eggs and a drop of the milk.

Turn on to a very slow setting to start to combine whilst pouring in the rest of the milk.

Add a desert spoon of olive or sunflower oil.

Turn the speed up and beat to a smooth thick liquid. 

Making the batter mix for the Bog


Oil a small oven tray or lasagne dish or if you prefer a bun tin to make little individual servings.

Place this in a hot oven.

Chop each sausage into approximately 4 to 5 pieces each.

Remove the pan / bun tins from the oven add the liquid mixture then scatter over the sausage chunks and return to the oven as quickly as you can.


Ready for a hot oven


Cook on high for about half an hour till the bog rises and browns around the frogs. If you are using bun tins the cooking time is more like 15 minutes. 

 Toad in the Hole or Frog in the Bog



Make sure you use good strong flour.

When oiling the tin remember to cover the sides well where the mixture rises.

The spoon of oil in the milk mix makes a real difference when it comes to ensuring the finished bog is not stuck to the pan!

Ensure the tin is piping hot when the mixture goes in.

Whole sausages are traditional but I find pieces easier to share out and visually it looks more risen. 

Make sure the sausages are good quality and lean or the finished meal will look and taste too greasy with the fat spilling our as the sausages cook. Vegetarian sausages work very well as these are naturally grease free.

Mini roast potatoes go so well with this and cook in the same hot oven, but start the potatoes first so the oven is already very hot when the Toad in the hole goes in.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can cook more than double this quantity in one oven. I have tried cooking for lots of people thinking it will be so easy then finding it just doesn’t rise at all. If the oven is too full, even if heated first the temperature will drop too far and take too long to come back up leaving you with frogs in a flat bog! 

Don’t be tempted to keep opening the door to peep more than you have to as this will cool the oven and reduce the rise of the bog.


Do you have any other tips to add? I would love you to leave them on the comments below.