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Posted on December 1st, 2012


We had the worst weather I can remember last weekend, that coupled with the short day light hours and I really feared I would struggle for a Country Kids story this week. Saturday the rain didn’t let up all day long and by midnight the river burst it’s banks. The children were all awake, excited and scared all at once. All evening they had been dashing in and out to check the levels and when it finally lapped over the bridge and up the road we watched from the car park by torch light, fortunately no damage was done!

Floods at Coombe Mill

Camp Fire and Bike rides

Sunday showed little improvement but to be fair there were a few breaks in the rain. I invited one of the triplets’ friends round in despair of them going out. Of course a friend was just what they needed to pull on their wellies and head off out to build a campfire. I was loathed to dampen their spirits with the sodden ground and sudden downpours, anyway I needn’t have worried, they had a plan:

Boys with a campfire plan!


1st stop Dad’s shed to gather and chop all the small fragments of wood, and raid the left over guest log baskets for broken pieces of firelighter and matches. I thought they learned to make real fires in the boy scouts out of rubbing bits of wood together, obviously not! It took a couple of trips up and down the ravine from Nick’s shed to their chosen camp base before they were ready to go.


Campfire lighting


Thanks to their dry store of wood, paper and firelighters they were away to go in no time showing off their skills to their friend, although it had to be rebuilt several times between the heavy downpours. I was just delighted to have them outdoors. The alpaca were looking very miserable in the rain but keen none the less to see what the boys were doing, peering over with open curiosity! It all finished with a few laps of Coombe Mill by bike, they stank of bonfire and damp when they came home, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 


Bikes and Alpacca


November Hat Winner

I hate choosing a single winner as I love all the ideas that come though on Country Kids, however the one that really caught my eye this month is The Gruffalo Hunt from Jenny at Mummy Mishaps. Well done Jenny, please DM me your address details and I will get a Coombe Mill Kids Sun hat on its way, though a rain hat might have been more appropriate this week! 

Joining In

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