Multiples Mayham Carnival

Posted on December 3rd, 2012

Grab yourself a cuppa and cake then settle in for a good read!

I am delighted to be hosting my first ever Carnival and even more delighted that it should be the amazing Multiples Mayhem. I find multiple parents very supportive and full of helpful hints and tips for handling all the wonderful and worrying things that parenting brings our way. I needn’t have feared about you seeing my call for posts, thanks to all the retweets and shares from you the message clearly worked its way round the blogosphere and I have a wonderful collection here; so pull up a chair, grab yourself some quiet time and settle down for a lovely read. 

Multiples Mayhem from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Over to you:

Some Questions to Answer:

Debbie at Johnson Babies asks us for some advice on one to one time with her twins. Looks to me as a working Mum she is doing an amazing job right now, but I’m sure she would appreciate your views on her dilemma as her delightful twin boys reach two.

The school play and unequal parts for her twins leaves Anthea of Blue Bear Wood feeling proud and guilty all at once. How would you handle this one?

What sparks off a tantrum with your toddler? Rebecca from Here Comes the Girls shares what sets her girls off and how frustrating it can be on a school morning!

Suzanne from Mummy to Twins asks us for some hair styles for her girls, personally I love what she has created for them in her post, but can you add some more funky, practical and cute suggestions?

Karen from Tales of a Twin Mum  tells the journey of her twin boys accepting a baby sister on the scene. Have you got any advice to offer as she enters this new chapter with three children?


Information Posts

Wonderful News for Margaret as she announces over on Mummy’s Space that she is about to join our Multiples club!

Over on Twins Tiaras and Tantrums Lisa reflects on why she didn’t realize she was in labour. The whole pregnancy and birth thing can feel a little surreal at the time, I can see just why Lisa reacted as she did.

Eleanor who blogs at 2 of Everything reflects back on her birth story. A gripping read that brought many memories back of my own births and I’m sure will do the same for you too. 

If you have multiples coming up to weaning age, see how Emma from Crazy with Twins worked out her twins were ready for solids.

Read how child led potty training of Twins can be stress free from Kristen at Caution! Kids at Play 

Kristen from Caution! Twins at Play shows how to ensure our children keep the play space tidy! It will take patience and input from you but could be worth it in the long run.

Are you part of a real life multiples group? Joanne from Trouble Doubled is but finds her local group under threat. See why she values her group and is pleading to keep it open.


Reflections on a first term at school

Mari from Maris World updates us on her twin girls as they start school, noting their differences, happy moments and tricky times. Something in here I think we can all relate to 

Michelle at Mummy from the Heart shares her concerns for the twins from their first term at school, different characters really do react differently to situations as Michelle finds out. She would love to hear from anyone else who has been through early school days and opted to separate their twins into different classes.

Anthea from Blue Bear Wood has twin girls who are so sure of their identity; check out their lovely response when Mummy asks one to look in the mirror at her new school uniform


Twin Differences

Even at 6 months different personalities are showing at Crazy with Twins, Emma takes a fun look at development through her babies eyes.

Stacey at Five’s a Fellowship looks at the same phenomena of the startling differences in her twins already, my triplets are all very different too, is this your experience?

Even at 6 months different personalities are showing at Crazy with Twins, Emma takes a fun look at development through her babies’ eyes.

Amie relishes the differences in her twins and offers 8 helpful steps on her blog Triple T Mum to ensure your multiples feel like individuals.

Funny Post:

I had to include this one for the fun factor, things you could only say to multiples from Crazy with Twins

Never Forgotten

I must just finish with a little mention for Multiple Mummy who is usually part of this Carnival. I think everyone by now must know the terrible situation with Kerry in Hospital, it felt only right to give her a mention here and also thank New Mum on Line for her memorable #Healing for Kerry night on twitter and linky. Kerry we hope you will be back to join us here again in the future.


Looking Forwards

I have 2 lovely volunteers to host the next Multiples Mayhem. Kristen from  and Lisa from  I’ll leave you to agree the order and dates ladies which should take us well into 2013, thank you for offering and I hope you enjoy hosting as much as I have.

Can I also put in a mention for the Multiples Mayhem facebook page. If you are not already following please do. It has been newly set up by the ever efficient Joanne at Double Trouble and it would be great to see it supported as a forum for us all to share and learn all things multiple related. 


Wishing you all Happy Christmas Preparations this month and thank you for taking the time to participate and share here on the Carnival.