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Posted on December 7th, 2012

Family Feed Run

Every day the our holiday makers staying here at Coombe Mill join us on a tractor and trailer ride to feed and care for the animals. It is great fun, sociable and educational for the children and parents too! Right now we are closed for our annual repairs, building work and maintenance opening up again on 17th of the month in time for Christmas. The animals however still need feeding each day and I cherish the opportunity for us to have a Family Feed Run together at the weekends. It is a chance to run later than usual as the regular 9am start rarely sees my older boys up on a Sunday, and for the children to have a bit of fun doing the things strictly forbidden for health and safety reasons when we have visitors staying. I like to have a practice at driving the tractor too in case Nick is poorly one day and needs must!

Some of our highlights….

Not showing the best of examples of riding in the trailer, but as it’s only family I enjoyed not shouting at them to behave! 

Family Tractor & Trailer Ride

Enjoying the ducks and chickens and showing me their favourite ones.

Fun with the Ducks and Chickens


Theo demonstrates how chickens fly:

Goat love and chilling out:

Goat Cuddles

We nearly lost a welly in with the pigs!

Hang onto your wellies in with the pigs!


Watching our beautiful deer come down for their breakfast

Deer Feeding in Winter at Coombe Mill

My turn on the tractor!

Farmer Fi!

After an hour on the farm what better than to come in for hot croissants, pancakes, crumpets and coffee. I have never seen a basket full disappear so fast! My thanks to for the breakfast idea following a lovely twitter chat on a dreary Monday morning a couple of weeks ago!

Brunch after the Farm Feed Run


Joining in with Country Kids

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