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Posted on December 15th, 2012

Welcoming our Cousins from London

My Sister in Law and her family live in Fulham; could it be any more different to our farm in Cornwall? Our children are like country bumpkins when we go to stay and the reverse is true when they visit us. 3 young boys with a garden the size of a postage stamp, (apparently that is generous in London) are so excited by the 30 acres of farm to roam here, cousins who they adore and beautiful sandy beaches! It makes me realize just how important it is to have weekends like last weekend when we bring them all together. 

Theo leads the way on the Farm

We are still closed until Monday so we have the farm to ourselves. Theo took one of his cousins with him to feed the animals, explaining who had what food and what to watch out for, I realized as I followed them round just how much is second nature to Theo and how confident and caring he is with the animals.

Theo and his Cousin on the farm


A deserted beach

Faced with a beautiful day we took the children to our local beach. How strange to discover it was empty it was on such a wonderful winter’s afternoon. Taking a foot ball the children revelled in the space and freedom and it wasn’t long before coats and jumpers were peeled off too! 



Rock poolBeach Football find

One of the cousins was quite taken with the baby crab he found


Crab on the beach


Who needs a spade?

Guy began building a castle with his bare hands; this was clearly going to take all afternoon until Jed came up with an ingenious idea. Disappearing off into the caves he returned with a large flat slate like stone and set to work with Guy. Soon everyone came to help and the castle became a volcano where they ran back and forth pouring water from the rock pools into the crater and watching it disappear. It was a delight to watch them.


Building a sand volcano

Hot Chocolate and Flap Jacks

No beach trip in winter would be complete without a large flask of hot chocolate and homemade flap jacks watching the sun set from the car park at the cliff top.


Hot chocolate and flap jack back at the car

Polzeath beach  as the sun sets





Christmas Lights and Santa

We were home in time to see the Christmas lights turned on in the neighbouring village and catch up with Santa for a pep talk and gift. A perfect out door day all round!


Santa and Christmas lights

Joining In with Country Kids

What have you been doing outdoors with the children this week? The days are short and often cold but outdoor time to release some energy is just what children need, especially now when they are so excited for Christmas. Please link up with your adventures and take a peep at others here; there are always some great ideas that needn’t cost a fortune.

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