The Christmas Tag

Posted on December 17th, 2012

I have been tagged by the lovely Jenny from Mummy Mishaps in a Christmas meme that I have seen travelling widely in the blogosphere, I may be the last to finally add my piece, but it is a fabulous list of questions so I am taking time out from working towards Christmas and enjoying all that it brings to sit down and record my thoughts.
Q1. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
Catching some family outdoor time. I love the Christmas lights, visits to Santa, putting up our decorations and just being outdoors with the children in the run up to Christmas when they are so excited for all that is ahead.
Christmas at Coombe Mill
Q2. What’s your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
Couldn’t be further from my thoughts, last year Christmas day was so full on I’m not sure I managed any makeup, which is probably just as well as it would have run in the sea anyway – yes we all went body boarding in the sea on Christmas day! The eldest two boys have new winter wet suits for Christmas so I hope to repeat our beach trip again this year! 
 Polzeath beach on Christmas DayIn the sea on Christmas DayIn the sea on Christmas Day
Q3. Real or fake tree?
We have real trees in all our properties from the local nursery and one for us too. I love putting them up and decorating them with all the kids favourite treasures over the years. The finished result is far from designer but loved and homely and very Coombe Mill! I just love the smell of the pine, but pay for it when I am still trying to pick pine needles out of the carpets in spring!
Real Christmas Tree with the children's treasures
Q4. Giving presents or receiving them?
It gives me such pleasure to see presents being opened; I am so looking forward to seeing the triplets’ faces when they unwrap these their tablets this year and these amazing handmade cases made especially for them by the lovely Sarah at Silver Birch Crafts.
hand made tablet cases
Q5. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
With 8 of us and family staying each year presents become a morning, noon and night event! Father Christmas presents for the children in the morning, a few presents after lunch and the main haul of family presents in the evening round the tree after Christmas dinner when we have enjoyed the best of the outdoors for the day.
Christmas Morning stockings waitingMorning stocking openingFamily presents waiting for the evening!
Q6. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I find Christmas cards a real chore and write less and less each year, it strikes me as an awful waste of time and resources. I only send them to friends and family I don’t see regularly and they are bought ones.  After about the 17th December I find I am falling over cards everywhere, though they do make very effective cheap decorations for the room when interspersed with homemade snowflakes which also gets them up and out of the way! 
Cards into decorations
Q7. What’s your favourite Christmas film?

 ,  and  all rave about Polar Express so I might have to watch this, I don’t think I have stopped to watch a Christmas film since I was a child, back then it was always The Sound of Music or The towering Inferno which stick in my mind each Christmas on TV.

Q8. What’s your favourite Christmas food?

Dates and Stilton, cracking nuts from their shells and a glass of port. Though if I am honest I love all the Christmas food and since I invented my wheat free, bit free Christmas cake recipe it is definitely up there as one of my favourite Christmas foods too.

Wheat Free, Bit Free  Christmas cake slice
So I now tag the following Christmas stars, it is a long list in the hope that I find someone who has not already completed this festive meme. If you have been tagged and already posted, please leave me a comment with your post so I can check out your Christmas fun too.