Easy Christmas decorations the kids will love

Posted on December 20th, 2012

Christmas, fun or stressful?

I love Christmas, all the fun and excitement that goes along with it in the build up for the children, but I also find it stressful at times too and have to remind myself what is and isn’t important when I start worrying about catering for 10 each day in the house, the parties I am arranging and the number of presents to buy and store with such a large family. However seeing the excited faces on my children after school each day, counting down the days on their advent calendars and writing cards for their friends I remember that there is very little that really matters to make Christmas fun for them. Christmas Decorations

I have watched some amazing homemade Christmas foods being prepared with Yellow Days Festive Food Hop and contributed  a couple but have failed totally on the crafty link ups. I have seen amazing work coming from ,  and  to name but a few and have been feeling guilty at not managing anything myself. Here is where I put that right and add a couple of really simple ones that work for us and I can thoroughly recommend to any wan-a be crafter who just hasn’t found the time or energy to get it together, and let’s face it, time is running out!

Christmas cards and snowflakes

I love this because it solves all my problems of where to store the hundreds of Christmas cards arriving each day. They fall off the window sills and blow over on work tops when the doors open and so turning them into decorations up high is perfect storage and decoration all in one. I simply use the Curtain pole tops and the odd nail in the top of the walls to string up some wool, then hang the cards over as they come in. Guy had taken to making snowflakes from folded scrap paper so we threaded these too and the finished result is really rather festive!

Table decorations

Guy and I made potato table decorations back in the summer and I vowed then we would repeat the exercise for Christmas. The children helped me round the farm to pick holly and winter foliage and we collected shells from the beach last weekend.


Collecting Shells and holly


By stacking the shells we made Christmas trees which we sank into potato slices, then the children added their trimmed holly using wooden skewers to help pierce the holes in the potatoes. We finished their decorations with tea lights and spray snow and added them all together on a silver plate for effect.  They were delighted with the results and it made for a fun afternoon together.


Making Christmas table Decorations  


Christmas table decorations by Coombemill kids


Keeping with nature

A few holly leaves from the farm and fairy lights draped around the curtain poles and picture frames, together with the Christmas cards and snowflakes transform our kitchen into a festive family room with so little effort. It works for the kids and keeps me happy as my work tops and window ledges remain clutter free for all that cooking and entertaining I have ahead!


Nature and decorations

Don’t Stress this Christmas

Try to ensure the  decorations you do  this Christmas makes you and your family happy. When it becomes a chore the magic is gone. If you are more ambitious than me then take a look at some of the really cool crafty room decorations on the “Count down to Christmas” linky here run by Rainy Day Mum ~ The Boy and Me ~ The Madhouse ~ Here Comes the Girls