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Posted on December 22nd, 2012

It’s nearly Christmas!

In preparation for opening after our month of closure it was all hands on call to make Coombe Mill spick and span for our Christmas Guests. Involving our children in family chores is never a hardship when those chores are made fun.  We had a weekend where everyone pulled together and had a blast along the way.

Off to choose the Christmas Trees

Our local farm shop is only a hop skip and a jump from Coombe Mill so we made it a family trip and piled in the car with a trailer on the back to choose a tree for ourselves and the properties rented for Christmas. Once there the children were quite taken by all the choice of trees, the tree cutters in their Santa hats, a huge inflatable snow man and even a Santa Grotto!


Choosing and decorating Christmas Trees


We could have spent the morning there but with so much to do preparing Coombe Mill it was back to unload and start decorating.

Our spatial awareness failed us and we ended up with a tree for ourselves to big for the room! After much debate it ended up installed in pride of place on the veranda looking at us with outdoor lights! All the children’s non weather proof treasures were then relocated to the artificial tree indoors.

Putting up the outdoor lights 

Timers were found and up the ladder for Farmer Nick and Alistair to install our sparkling lights. 


Outdoor Christmas lights

Animals, kids and tractors with Christmas Spirit

With all our Christmas enthusiasm we set about feeding the animals and testing out our newly strengthened trailer which now boasts twin axle and higher sides for safety. Guy and Jed both persuaded big brother Alistair to let then have a go at driving. Another heart in the mouth parenting moment for me, just as well the Nick was in his shed leaving us all to it!


New Trailer, new driver!


How time flies when there is work to be done; we chatted our way through a thorough clean of the rabbit house and the children delighted in collecting plenty of fresh grass for them to munch and straw in their little houses. To be fair some were doing more bunny cuddling than cleaning!


Cleaning the rabbit house


Making cleaning fun

Give children the right tools and everyone wants a job! Felix was determined to hang onto his job of power washing the patios, poor Jed got a total drenching when he tried to take over, that will be another wash load for me!


Power hosing the patios and each other! 

All in a productive outdoor family weekend at Coombe Mill with heaps of fun along the way. 


Joining In

What outdoor adventures have you been up to in the run up to Christmas? From seeing the Christmas lights to running off some excitement in the park, please join in with your outdoor family fun.

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