Pooh to January Diets!

Usually I blog recipes that are a little quirky, always simple and tasty and full of goodness. Today I am fed up with drab January and just crave something yummy and naughty to eat. I remember Helen from ,  and  Vanstone raving about Reece Chocolate and Peanut Butter things and thought that sounded suitably naughty for my needs today. I raided the cupboards and created this recipe; try it if you dare!

Peanut & Chocolate Crunch Farm Cookie


Peanut & Chocolate Crunch Farm Cookies


I’ll say them quickly and they might sound more healthy? 

125g butter or good baking margarine like Clover

125g crunchy peanut butter

125g granulated sugar

275g SR flour

1 teaspoon vanilla essence


Beat all ingredients in a food mixer until they begin to form a dough.


Making the biscuit dough


Roll into large walnut sized balls and place on a greased oven tray


Dough Balls


Cook at 180degrees for aproximately 12 minutes till golden brown

Leave to cool before loosening from the tin; they can crumble if not cooled properly.


Peanut Crunch cooked cooked and cooling



Melt Chocolate in a bowl over hot water or in the microwave being careful not to boil. I found 1 minute on high in the microwave, then a stir then 20 seconds, leave for 30 seconds then stir was perfect.


Melting Chocolate


Dip the biscuits into the chocolate and then into white chocolate chips.

Leave to set.


Peanut & Chocolate Crunch Cookies


These really are so easy they would be a lovely one to do with the children. A definite thumbs up in our house!


 Peanut & Chocolate Crunch Biscuits Tested by Coombe Kids


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Sshhh….It’s Sunday


New Born on the Farm


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What still no snow?

Last week on Country Kids was packed with so much snow inspiration. I loved the home made sleighs from Mad House Family Reviews, the snow paining and ice marbles with The Mini Mes and Me , the snow painted cat from My Little 3 and Me, the huge snow man from Mummy of Two, not to mention snow dogs and the tale of the snow mouse from Actually Mummy and a fantastic igloo from A Srong Coffee. Most of all I marvelled over so much family fun with rosy cheeks from parents and children alike, what a great way to enjoy being outdoors. I have serious snow envy from my own children who saw sun and showers all week but not a flake of snow.

Bite sized outdoor time

I have been inspired by Jenny Paulin and Cerys Parker who are challenging themselves to 15 – 20 minutes outdoor play a day with the children. I played the “Mums off duty” card last weekend going up to Birmingham for a girl’s night and have found my time with the children this week played out in smaller bite sized chunks around my trip and the school day.

I thoroughly enjoyed a rare early morning with my oldest boys feeding the animals before I left for Birmingham. When you have children over age eleven, early is erased from their vocabulary, hence the “rare”. 


Feeding the animals


On my return on Sunday Clio delighted in a farm walk with me filling me in on their time with Dad, which I largely deduced to be kids doing as they liked while Dad carried on working! I loved watching her balancing across fallen logs and running time trials around the newly laid train track.

Farm walk with Clio

One of Nick’s jobs over the weekend was concreting in the new outdoor gym equipment. When this had set all the kids were only too keen to come home from school and give it a test run and me too!


Outdoor Gym

How have you enjoyed your time outdoor with the children recently? Whether you have seen fresh snow to play in or been to the park, the seaside, the woods or the garden I would love to hear about it here on Country Kids. Please grab the badge and check out some of the other posts linked up here too.


I have set up a Google+ community for Country Kids and I’d be delighted to see you there too. 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Why do I feel the need to justify a night away? I look after our 6 children, work really hard running our family business and look after him in doors outdoors aka Farmer Nick, yet when I take some time out I feel I need to justify myself. Is this just my inner Mummy saying it not right or my perfect inner wife finding herself a voice? Whatever it is, when the chance for a night away presents itself I over rule my inner conscience and jump on board suppressing the guilt, only then do I discover that I play hard too!

Road Trip

After our successful trip last year to “Strictly Come Dancing: The Tour” the girls were back on tour again last weekend. Having booked and paid for our tickets and travel lodge in advance we were determined that the dire weather warnings were not going to stop us. Armed with blankets, snow chains and a 4 wheel drive we set off on *mission impossible* from Cornwall to Birmingham through the snow around 11.00 am on Saturday. As it turns out everyone else had heeded the weather warnings and stayed off the road, we couldn’t have had an easier journey and even allowed ourselves a late lunch at Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway and a spot of retail therapy! 


Road tip pit stop


Girl Power

Arriving in good time we agreed to meet up in one room for drinks before the show. I was running late having opted for a walk before hand to stretch my legs and gather my bearings for later. That meant putting the rollers in whilst sipping champagne and smudging my nail polish in my quest to scoff my share of the nibbles! I loved the getting ready with music giggles and fizz nearly as much as the night itself, such a girly thing to do and so far away from my average day on the farm!


Girl Power


Just what did I think I was doing dashing through the snow like a lush still carrying my glass of fizz to the National Indoor Arena?


Running through the streets of Birmingham


We made it in one piece to the show, ok with just one fall, and claimed our seats just in time. I did notice a few empty ones suggesting the weather had put some off the journey.  To be honest I am not a huge strictly fan and have to ask my friends all the way through who is the amateur, where they are from and who is the professional! I just love the whole live event, the build up and the way we make a full 24 hours of girly giggles and fun.

Highlights: but don’t ask me who is who!


Strictly Come Dancing Show Highlights


After topping up our wine glasses in the interval and negotiating the inevitable queue to the ladies, the second half flew by and all too soon we found ourselves joining the exodus trying not to land up in the river as we slid and slipped along the exit paths. Distinctly hungry now we navigated ourselves towards Cafe Rouge after I had eyed it up on my earlier walk. 


From Strictly to food!


By the time we finished eating it was approaching midnight. In high spirits and making the most of our time away from home we spotted the 80’s bar we fell into last year. Not thinking twice we headed in to boogie on down into the early hours! 


 Dancing girls

The Morning after the night before

I was first to wake in the morning and text the others.

Me      “Anyone awake”

Anita    “Just making a cuppa and back to bed”

Fi          “Not really”

Me       Clambers out of bed nursing aching feet and opens curtains to see fine snow falling and settling on the roads below

            “It’s snowing I think we should get going”

Fi and Anita together

            “Ready in 20 mins”!

After our hasty departure the M5 was once again clear of snow and empty of cars. We were home by 4pm in my case to “What’s for tea Mum”. Nothing like arriving home and hitting the ground running! Sunday night and Monday were a real struggle for me playing catch up and suffering serious sleep loss and probably the ill effects of a glass to many the night before. We were only away for a night but it felt like a real break. Farmer Nick and the kids seemed equally happy judging by the trail of pot noodles and white bread in evidence around the kitchen, all strictly frowned up on by me and further designed to fuel my inner guilt at going! 

The Big question

Will I go again next year……..you bet! 

Do you get the chance to take a break? It is much harder when you have small children who are really going to miss you, but if you have the opportunity with husbands, partners. parents or friends then my advice is to accept. It doesn’t have to be far away or for very long, but a little break in routine is a breath of fresh air for the inner you.

For me, I appreciate all that I love about being a Mummy by not being one for a day!

Photo of the week from the farm


New at Coombe Mill


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