Happy New Year from Coombe Mill Farm

Posted on January 3rd, 2013

Celebrations from the farm

We have had a lovely group of guests staying with us this week who have really made the most of farm life despite the wet conditions; braving the daily feed run with the animals and managing to look genuinely cheerful in the Cornish drizzle! New Year’s Eve was our chance to add a little extra cheer with a few fireworks from our resident expert: farmer Nick. We did this nice and early so that our younger visitors were able to stay up and watch without it being past bed times.


 New Year's Eve Fireworks at Coombe Mill


Casino Royale

It was a quick shower and change for Farmer Nick and I before our friends arrived for a Black tie dinner followed by Casino games. From Fancy cuisine to bubbles and laughter we had a wonderful evening. The Children were involved too with their own Pizza supper and then joining the casino at midnight. It made New Year a family affair and after all, no one can find babysitters on New Year’s Eve so much easier just to make the evening children inclusive. 


New Year's Eve Meal with Family and Friends


The children were wonderful playing happily together upstairs while we ate, however after toasting 2013 mine were eager to join the grownups in a spot of gambling. We were only playing for silly prizes, not that you would believe it from the concentration on Guy and Theo’s faces! 

Young Gamblers at our Casino night!


As we turn our backs on 2012 and embrace the new year I am sharing a collage of my favourite moments from the farm. One photo from each month as inspired by The Boy and Me.


2012 on the farm in pictures



New Year Resolutions

We have so many exciting plans here on the farm for 2013, many of which are already in making like the new Gym, new cottage beginnings and most exciting of all the new Coombe Mill train. Ensuring all these continue in time for the summer season whilst maintaining the day to day farm running and of course our usual family outdoor fun will be my New Year resolutions. 

Wishing you and your families health and happiness for 2013 and hopefully a holiday with us here at Coombe Mill!