Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on January 12th, 2013

Making Fire Down on the Farm

“I’m lighting a bonfire anyone going to help me?” Daddy booms and is rewarded by a stampede of little feet rushing to find their wellies! Whether it is the danger, the heat, playing with nature or time with us I’m not sure, but my children love to make camp fires or join their Dad for a really big bonfire. The first one of 2013 is always memorable as all the Christmas trees go up in smoke. Add to this paper rubbish and fallen branches and we are set for an afternoon of fun. The other children on holiday with us were only too glad to come and lend a hand; “Farmer Nick’s little helpers club” goes further than just the animals! 


Bonfire Fun at the Farm


Some adventures are best shown on video and this is one of them.  All their antics caught on film while they were busy working playing including Nick’s surprise for them all at the end. Their faces are a picture! 




Joining In with Country Kids

Have you been outdoors with the kids this week? Please grab the badge and come and share your ideas for enjoying some fresh air time here on the linky. Whether it is play time, learning, crafts or an exciting day trip I love to see them all and gleem ideas for our next outing!  

I have set up a Google+ community for Country Kids and I’d be delighted to see you there too. 


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